Why You Need to Shop Philly Menswear Line Ikire Jones

If anyone knows the power of a smart jacket, it’s Walé Oyéjidé, who has worn his fair share while working as an attorney. Outside the courtroom he pursues his Philly-based menswear line, Ikiré Jones, which turns out sharply tailored versions with splashes of West African prints, a nod to his Nigerian heritage. The standout of his spring/summer collection: this unstructured double-breasted linen jacket, with wide peak lapels and a bright wax-canvas interior — also seen on the underside of the collar. It’s proof that you can’t judge a book by its cover. Or, just maybe, that you should always judge a jacket by its lining. $750 at Ikirejones.com.

Photography by David Ohl

Photography by David Ohl

Market Report: Here are Lady Gaga’s Un-Photoshopped Versace Ads

  • MR29First Lena Dunham, now Lady Gaga: See her un-Photoshopped Versace ads here. Her skin is definitely a more normal color without retouching. [Jezebel]
  • Tiny Fey is the newest spokesperson for Garnier Skincare! Let’s hope skincare ads stop being so darn serious. [Digital Journal]
  • Lorde is so much cooler than the any of us were at age 17. Here she is in Teen Vogue, sans black lipstick. [Teen Vogue]

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Bike Commuters: How to Stylishly Carry Your Stuff to Work

BikeOur friends over at Be Well Philly know how to mix style and sport (see: this DIY adjustable yoga strap and this roundup of where to find name-brand workout clothes for cheap!). So while we’re obsessed with backpacks for their cool-girl style cred—here are some of our faves—Be Well likes ‘em because they’re perfect for people who bike to work.

Backpacks ahead!

Why Sneakers Are the New Heels — And 10 Ways to Style Them


My (calf-hair) kicks.

I’m five-feet-three-inches tall. Most people—even sometimes my very own husband—don’t realize this, because I spend approximately 93 percent of my life in very high heels.

I’ve been wearing them since I can remember, and as I’ve gotten older, my heels have gotten taller. It’s like taking off the training wheels, over and over again. You ditch the stubby square heels for kitten heels, then you swap these for taller but still walkable heels, and then you’re off on pin-thin stilettos, racing towards osteoarthritis and a life of Dr. Scholls.

But is the age-old equation—high style = higher heels—fading away? And if it is, where does that leave me and my shelves of stilettos, platforms and wedges? Can you really be stylish … in sneakers?

Keep reading for v. important musings.

Market Report: 8 Lies You Should Never Tell Your Hair Stylist

  • Market ReportWhy telling little white lies to your stylist—”No, I didn’t see anyone else since our last appointment!”—can actually ruin your hair. We’re talking hair melting, guys. [Refinery29]
  • The future of shopping: Clothing embedded with little chips that make them shoppable. So, in theory, you can take a stalker-like shot of a stylish person on the street and an app will tell you where you can buy what she’s wearing. Super-weird. [Fashionista]
  • Sneaker strike! There’s a huge strike going on now at the largest sneaker manufacturer (they make shoes for Nike and Adidas). [Jezebel]

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5 Fun Ways to Spend Your Tax Refund

“Get your billion back, America!”

Every time I see that commercial, I wonder how weird it would be if that guy was actually your tax guy. (Yep, that affable man in the bow tie is named Richard Gartland, and he really is a “senior tax preparer” for H&R Block in California. He also did this clip with Ellen, and it’s hilarious.) Then I wonder how much I’ll get back in my tax return this year—maybe a billion, like Richard promised!—and then I plot exactly how I will spend it all.

This is what I’ve come up with, because filing your taxes is no fun but tax returns are really quite lovely.

Click here for a Tax Return Shopping List!

Market Report: 7 Best Stores for Ultrachic Work Clothes

Market Report

  • Need cute clothes to wear to the office? These seven stores totally nail workwear. Be gone, boxy skirts and ill-fitting blazers! [Fashionista]
  • Juicy Couture might be closing on Walnut Street, but it’s doing gangbusters in Europe. Maybe it’s just me, but I can’t picture ultra-chic Parisians wearing anything with the word ‘JUICY’ on it. Can you? [WWD]
  • How does your skin look after following a $3,000 skincare regimeReally freaking good. [Into The Gloss]

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Watch Out, Refinery29: Yahoo Fashion is Getting Really Cool


Do you go here for your fashion inspiration?

First, there was the news that makeup master Bobbi Brown was going to be helming all beauty coverage at Yahoo. (Yes, Yahoo.) Now Elle creative director and all-around fabulous person Joe Zee has confirmed that he’ll be editing the site’s fashion coverage. (Yep, we’re still talking about that Yahoo.) Um, what? This is almost as weird as that time André Leon Talley announced he’d be the artistic director for shoe e-emporium Zappos. What’s next? Anna Wintour ditching Vogue for the Home Shopping Network?

The fashion world is all sorts of topsy-turvy now, with bloggers appearing on Broadway (17-year-old blogger phenom and Rookie editor Tavi Genvinson will star in This Is Our Youth alongside Michael Cera next year), creative directors popping up on HBO shows (see: Jenna Lyons on Girls), and designers playing restaurateur (Roberto Cavalli opened an Italian eatery in Miami in January). So Yahoo being the next big thing in fashion, well, I’m just saying that it’s not entirely impossible, even though a colleague of mine likened Yahoo to “a dinosaur and the meteor is a day away from earth.” (We’re very scientific over here.)

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Covet: What to Wear to Passover Dinner — or Easter Brunch




There’s a fine line between being stylish and being, well, church-appropriate. (Trust me. I’ve gotten a lot of side-eye from the priest at my church—partly because I rarely go to church, and partly because when I do go, I wear stuff like this.) Here’s how to toe the line for your first spring holiday. Not religious? Invest in one of these pieces to celebrate the official end of the Worst Winter of All Time: Anveglosa laser-cut leather jacket, $795 at Boyds, Rittenhouse; Komono Stella sunglasses in pale blush, $62 at Omoi Zakka Shop, Rittenhouse; Preen by Thornton Bregazzi skirt, $760 at Net-a-Porter; Manolo Blahnik BB striped grosgrain pumps, $655 at Saks Fifth Avenue, Bala Cynwyd.

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