Let’s Make Fun of Gwyneth Paltrow’s Annual GOOP Gift Guide Together!


This year, we lost a shining beacon in the world of Blogs We Love to Hate. Preserve, Blake Lively’s ill-fated lifestyle and e-commerce site, shuttered after only one year. We didn’t even get to see a gift guide! But all’s not lost: We’ve still got GOOP. And GOOP (this is Gwyneth Paltrow’s online lifestyle venture, if you haven’t yet been blessed to know it) is majorly stepping things up now.

It’s almost as if Gwyneth, fresh from toasting Preserve’s demise with organic macrobiotic fresh-cut lilac nutmeg juice made by baby angels, sensed our need for absolutely insane guidance. So she’s provided us with her annual GOOP Holiday Guide, and just as expected, it brims with weird things that are very expensive. I like to think of it as a glimpse into the Christmas morning of the one-percent. While we open slippers from Kohl’s, they open up 18K-gold spatulas. Let us dig right in, shall we? It’ll be a fun ride.  Read more »

Where to Shop in Philly on Black Friday


Grab your girls, and get your shop on. And bonus points if you go out shopping looking like this. | Shutterstock.

As I say every single year, Black Friday is to Shoppist what the Super Bowl is to a football fan. Our whole year of sleuthing out the best shops, steals, deals and trends comes down this – the sale day of all sale days, the bargains to end all bargains. But while less-than-savvy shoppers might line up at big-box spots like Best Buy and Target, we know that the real deals are found in our incredible local shops.

Here are the less-publicized (read: less-crowded) but equally fantastic sales taking place on Black Friday and Small Business Saturday. Because you can always find another TV on mega-sale. But that covetable Maison Scotch sweater at that insane price won’t come around again. Happy shopping! (And keep checking back! We’ll be updating this list throughout the week as more deals come in.)  Read more »

What Happens When a Non-Makeup Wearer and a Makeup Diva Swap Routines


A medley of befores and afters. | Photos by Lauren McGrath.

In our office, there are two sets of women: Those who wear makeup every single day, and those who don’t ever wear a stitch. I happen to fall into the former group – full face, every day – and our copyeditor, Rachel Chernaskey (she of the impossibly high cheekbones and poreless skin), sits strictly in the latter. What would happen, I wondered, if we switched cosmetic routines for a day? Surely, the world would spin off its axis; our coworkers would look at my ruddy chin and un-lined eyelids and I’d immediately be fired; Rachel would be spotted on the street and become the next Kendall Jenner.

After some pleading with Rachel and personal soul-searching (could I really post a makeup-free photo on the blog for all to see?), we shook on it: I’d go sans makeup; Rachel would let our assistant lifestyle editor (and talented makeup artist in her own right) Lauren McGrath apply a full face. We’d wear our new looks around for one full work day and see who noticed, who commented, who turned away in horror, and how it felt to trade faces. Turns out, not at all like we expected.   Read more »

Pileggi Boutique Closing After Nine Years


Inside Pileggi. | Image via Facebook.

After nine years in business, women’s boutique Pileggi is closing, owner Andrea Chila confirms. The shop will officially close its doors on February 28th. (“It’s not bad,” Chila explained on the phone. “I’m becoming a mom and have chosen to stay at home.”)

There’s no word on store-closing sales yet (that all depends on what’s left come February), but Chila does have some advice for fledgling independent shop owners: “Staying positive is definitely a key to the success of the store.  I’ve made amazing friends; it was never work.”

For now, head to the shop (located at 715 Walnut Street) to scoop up clothing and accessories, like this wrap-front sweater and fur-pouf-topped chunky knit hat.

7 Not-Cheesy Hostess Gifts You Can Find in Philly Shops

Hostess Gifts

From tea to wax wine toppers, here are the gifts you should be giving.

Anyone who has ever hosted a party knows the hostess-gift range is surprisingly narrow: a bottle of wine, a cheese plate, a bouquet of flowers. And while these gifts aren’t bad (who doesn’t want wine?), they just feel less-than-special.

To avoid being the millionth person to come bearing a bottle o’ red this Thanksgiving, follow the shopping list below. I’ve rounded up some of the coolest, most thoughtful gifts to bring to your Thanksgiving host, all from stores in the Philly area. Bring one of these and guarantee yourself a spot at next year’s table.  Read more »

Shop Talk: Yet Another Reason to Stop Wearing Heels

Pump Bump

Beauty is pain. | taniavolobueva / Shutterstock.com

  • As if you weren’t convinced by our sneaker post, here’s another reason to give your feet a break once in a while: pump bump, an inflammation of the back of the heel that can stem from wearing closed-toe heels. Eek. [Byrdie]

The 5 Sales I’m Shopping This Weekend (And So Should You)


Some of Occasionette’s on-sale goods. | Images via Instagram.

It’s Friday! You’ve made it! Three cheers, a slap on the back and a glass of wine for you! Now let’s talk about weekend plans, which – if you’re smart – should revolve around these sales. Here are the spots I’m hitting up this weekend for furniture, Christmas gifts (so that I feel very together and organized), and clothes to wear to the 47 holiday parties I know lurk in the near future. Let’s get this party started, shall we?  Read more »

VIDEO: 8 Bearded Philly Men on Why It’s Awesome to Not Shave

For those who needlessly bash our city’s sweats-and-jersey style legacy, let me direct you to the video above. Produced by Visit Philadelphia and Philly 360°, the quick segment features eight of the most outrageously stylish guys in the city, including Curran J, founder of lifestyle brand Kings Rule Together; Erik Honesty, owner of Cultured Couture Vintage in Old City; jazz-funk composer Jamaaladeen Tacuma, and more.  Read more »

How to Break Out of Your Fall Fashion Rut


How to (just slightly) change up your go-tos. | Images via J Brand, Forever 21, Shutterstock, Nine West and Banana Republic.

Fashion uniforms are great. They’re the secret of some of the most stylish women ever, and they make dressing a cinch. But it’s easy to mistake a uniform or signature look for, well, a fashion rut. There’s no shame in this; we all often reach for the easiest things in our closet, the ones that don’t take any thought, the pieces we’ve worn a thousand times, the head-to-toe outfits we know work well and still fit. But after you’ve thrown on that chambray button-up for the fiftieth time, it’s easy to feel lazy, stagnant and, well, downright bored.

Switching things up doesn’t have to mean a complete style turnaround, though. It just calls for subtle tweaks to what you already own. To make your rut-busting process easier, I’ve rounded up seven wardrobe staples — easy, go-with-anything items that tend to get the most wear – and their just slightly elevated counterparts. Think of it as Your Personal Style, Version 2.0.  Read more »

Philly Woman Hilariously Shuts Down the ‘Fox & Friends’ Leggings Panel


Ladies, meet your fashion judges. | Screenshot via YouTube.

First, there was this lady, who drawled on about the appropriate way to wear leggings in a shaky phone video that’s been viewed over a million times. (Nutshell: “Make sure your tail is covered. Nobody wants to see what kind of panties you got on.”) That YouTube gem led to this painfully bad segment on Fox & Friends, in which a panel of smug men – including some Duck Dynasty guy who wore AN ACTUAL BANDANA – leered at women in leggings and passed judgment on whether or not the outfits were appropriate to wear.

Enter Addie Weyrich, a Philly native, Masterman grad, and the daughter of local journalists (Daily News columnist Ronnie Polaneczky and former Philly Mag staffer Noel Weyrich). In response to the leggings segment, she’s taken to YouTube to ask the “panel of dads” for some sartorial guidance. See below:  Read more »

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