Seven Inspiring Jersey Shore Houses

Our Shore homes are the unfussy counterparts to our city and suburban sprawls — a little more comfortable, a lot less serious. But they pose a […]


The Utterly Fabulous (and Totally Boring) Life of Laurentius

It’s 4 p.m. on a Wednesday afternoon, and I’m sitting in a butter yellow Queen Village kitchen, watching six-year-old Jude Purnama as he slurps up […]


Your Shame-Free Guide to the Best Philly Sex Shops

1. Condom Kingdom 437 South Street, Queen Village. If Disneyland went X-rated, it’d be something like this South Street stalwart, which mixes bachelorette-party kitsch (penis-shaped […]


Reuben “Big Rube” Harley Is Philly’s Most Beloved Hustler

I don’t want to get my picture taken. It’s a soupy Wednesday afternoon, and I’m four months pregnant. I’m exhausted, pasty-white with nausea, and wearing […]


Confession: I’m a Philadelphian and I’ve Never Seen Rocky

I know a little bit about Rocky, mostly because I grew up around here. I can even imagine scenes: Rocky (real name?) runs through the […]


The Sinister, Glitter-Fueled Truth Behind My Annual Holiday Cards

Something happens to me around Christmastime, and it involves glitter. Each year, just after Thanksgiving, I suddenly take leave of my senses, convince myself I’m […]


Look Inside 10 of Philly’s Most Enviable Closets

There isn’t much in life that’s more personal than our wardrobes — they’re where we stow our personal artifacts, pile our favorite things (and dirty […]


How One of Philly’s Coolest Developers Spends His Day

David Grasso has his hands in some of Philly’s coolest projects. The founder and CEO of commercial development firm Grasso Holdings, Grasso is a partner […]

Konekt chaise

Current Obsession: This De-Stressing Chaise Lounge For the Perennially Frazzled

Though the base of the “Pause” chaise is rooted in technology — an ergonomic fiberglass shell created from a 3-D computer rendering — the finished […]


Suburban Square News: The Mall Gets Its Coolest Store Yet

After a season that’s seen some great indie boutiques shutter (R.I.P. Aoki), it’s heartening to see a local brick-and-mortar not only flourish, but expand. Case in point: The news […]


We Found the Only Sunglasses You’ll Need for Summer

Hold your horses and step away from Sunglass Hut — not that there’s anything wrong with Sunglass Hut, but we already found the only sunglasses you’ll […]


Skinny Jeans, Just Die Already

When I was in college, nights out were a sea of black pants. There were slight variations, sure, but the gist was always the same: […]


A Philly Shop Owner on Rosé, Chocolate and What It’s Really Like to Work With Anna Wintour

Meet Ruben (Ben) Luna. Don’t know him yet? You should. He currently owns one of Grad Hospital’s latest boutiques, a concept shop called Workshop Underground. But […]


Why I’m Embarrassed (Sort Of) to Live in the Philly Suburbs

I lean back in the salon chair, making small talk with Jacques as he squishes shampoo through my hair. We’ve ticked through most of the […]


We’re Calling It: These Made-in-Philly Rings Are Going to Be the Next Big Thing

If summer could be captured in gemstones, it would look something like the rings that come out of Bario Neal’s Bella Vista atelier. The newest collection […]