Chris Bosch Has Designed a Line of Ties with Philly’s Armstrong & Wilson


The luxe collection of neckwear debuts this fall. | Photo via Armstrong & Wilson.

It’s one of the many brands that makes me wish—if only for a second—that I was a guy, or that I was a girl who could pull off wearing a pocket square. Armstrong & Wilson‘s collection of bow ties, tie-ties and pocket squares is like a garden party in a box, all pastel plaids and rainbow paisleys—for summer at least. (Oh, and speaking of their summer squares, you can get them all for 40 percent off here. But I digress…)

A peek at A&W’s Instagram reveals a star fan base: LeBron James, Al Roker, The Roots’s Black Thought, Derrick Brooks, London Fletcher, Michael Smith, Chris Bosch. And Bosch is such a fan that he’s collaborating on a tie collection with them.

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Philly Mag Fashion Project: Vote For Your Favorite Designer Now!


See the eight exlusive Philly Mag Fashion Project designs. | Photography by Jonathan Pushnik.

I’m happy to announce that our second annual Philly Mag Fashion Project is in full swing! Eight incredible local designers spent months creating exclusive pieces for our September issue. (Nearly 200 hours were spent hand-beading!) And now you can finally see the finished—and utterly gorgeous—products.

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Market Report: Facekinis, Crop Tops and Flower Beards: Summer 2014 Trends In Review

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Your Guide to Shopping On eBay: How to Score Amazing Designer Steals


Your designer and vintage heaven awaits.

I’ve shopped pretty much everywhere: fledgling Etsy stores, garage sales, weird little no-name boutiques, flea markets, consignment shops, the side of the road. Yet I’ve managed to resist the siren call of eBay, mostly because I’m terrified of it. It seems like a black hole, and venturing into it would likely lead to one of two things: 1. Accidentally bidding an ungodly amount of money for something dumb, like a fake Birkin or a side table made out of a rotting tree root, and then winning. or 2. Becoming addicted and slowly turning into a hoarder of porcelain dolls or turn-of-the-century retainers.

But here’s the thing: There are actually extraordinary buys to be found on eBay: Céline bags, vintage Chanel, Miu Miu heels, archival pieces from designers’ past collections. You just need to know how to find it all, and then, how and when to actually pull the plug.

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5 Hilariously Snarky Design Blogs That Will Make You Feel Better About Your Plain, Normal House


Book fireplaces, artsy tableaus, branch hangers. Time to make fun of design! | All images via Fuck Your Noguchi Coffee Table.

There’s a very specific sort of hate-reading that has nothing to do with checking out your sworn enemy’s Facebook statuses or scrolling through the site of a blogger you love to hate. (I have a friend who hate-reads FashionToast regularly, but insists that she has absolutely no deep-seated affection for author Rumi Neely.)

This hate-reading is targeted to design, specifically the old-hat styling conventions that have become something like the copious-knuckle-rings of the fashion blogosphere. This is my favorite kind of hate-reading, and the sort I do most often, with Martha Stewart Living, Better Homes & Gardens and the Restoration Hardware catalogs. I scoff at RH’s stupid playroom setups. Who seriously would dare have an all-white nursery strung with Christmas lights? (Me! Me! I would! It’s so gorgeous, like a fairy land of dreams!) 

Ahem. Back to the hate-reading.

Video: See How These Philly Artisans Make the Cutest Bowties We’ve Ever Seen


Office life. | Screenshot via Urban Outfitters.

Quit your day job, turn your house into a light-filled studio, begin making cool-slash-adorable bowties that catch on like wildfire, land a major wholesale account, have a tiny baby who wears the cutest-ever animal-print leggings. It’s a lofty ambition, and for most people, the end result would be a tiny Etsy account and a newfound respect for artisans and small business owners. But for Forage Haberdashery‘s Stephen Loidolt and Shauna Alterio, it’s, well, pretty inspiring. See for yourself here!

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