Beauty Secret: The Gel That Helps Too-Thin Eyebrows Grow Back

brow thickener  2

Growing up, my mother used to warn me about the dangers of overzealous tweezing. “You’ll look like a telephone operator!” she said. (I still don’t really understand this. Maybe she was referring to this? Or this?) In any case, I threw caution to the wind and wielded my own tweezers for years.

While I never pared my brows down to dental-floss widths, I also never let them grow all that lush—and I’m paying for it now. For over a year, I’ve been on a “growth plan” with my brow waxer, Valerie Peoples, who is located at the lower level of Sun Myst at 16th and Sansom. It’s going well, but there are still spots that won’t grow in, even as the rest of my brows grow forth with wild abandon in places they shouldn’t.

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9 Best-Dressed at Indochino’s Opening Party

Best Dressed Indochino 2

All photos by HughE Dillon.

Last week, Philly Mag’s resident pap HughE Dillon went to the grand opening party of Indochino, a Canadian custom menswear store that has opened a brick-and-mortar showroom at 1606 Chestnut Street.

Dillon’s pics included plenty of well-dressed guests, but a few partygoers stood out to me for various sartorial reasons (clockwise from left):

Best Neckwear: Brandon Wycha and Al Lee. (I also give them props for use of pockets. Who really knows what to do with your hands when someone takes a picture of you? Anyone? And Al wins for best adorably cheesy grin.)

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VIDEO: QVC In Hot Water After “Racial Mocking”


Left, the model. Right, the hosts. (And shiny bag.) | Screenshots from YouTube.

QVC, the empire of perpetual televised consumerism inexplicably plopped in the middle of sleepy West Chester, is battling backlash after a host made a live, on-air comment about bad hairstyles at the same exact time a camera panned to an African-American model sporting natural hair.

Poor timing, or a thinly veiled dig at natural African-American hair? Some bloggers were quick to decide:

Bougie Black Girl“Two White QVC hosts mock a Black Woman’s natural hair and humiliate her on TV.”

Bossip: “Race Matters: White QVC Host Apologizes For ‘Making Fun’ Of Beautiful Black Model’s Natural Hair Live On The Air.” 

Misee Harris: “Is QVC Racist? White Host Mocks Black Model’s Natural Hair.”

A blogger on Bougie Black Girl, the first site to post a reaction to the clip, wrote this (questionable capitalization hers):

“Apparently the White women hosts on QVC felt like it was OK to insult a Black woman who has natural hair. If you don’t know what QVC is, they are the folks who sell products on live TV. Check out the models reaction. It says it all.  I am heartbroken for her. In 2015, I am not surprised that it is still happening. What surprised me was how their hosts felt entitled to judge and humiliate a Black woman on TV.”

Here we go.

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Market Report: The Case For Washing Your Face With Urine


  • Apparently urine is a skin-saving miracle, and works wonders on eliminating acne. Who knew? [Refinery29]
  • Forever 21 just launched its second collaboration with the ASPCA. It’s a line of animal-themed hoodies and tees that are actually pretty cute. Even better: For each piece sold (they range from $15 to $18), one dollar will go back to the animal-protection society. [InStyle]
  • Michelle Obama didn’t wear a headscarf on her Saudi trip and it’s causing quite the stir. [The New Yorker]

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Now You Can Finally Buy an $8,800 Beanbag Chair


The trio of Alexander Wang x Poltrono Frau furniture.

Behold, the latest collection from fashion darling Alexander Wang. But it’s not wearables—it’s a collaboration with Italian furniture company Poltrana Frau on a line of furniture, two beanbag-style chairs and a “trunk bar,” which opens up and can hold a set of drink-ware.

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The Online Jewelry Sample Sale You Have to Shop Now


Pile it on and dream of summer.

When you think of sample sales, you think of  frenzied crowds, rabid women fighting to the death over the last size 7 pair of Jimmy Choos, stripping down in the middle of a crowded room and praying that you’ll fit into that Saint Laurent jacket. Avoid this mess but still reap all the benefits with online sample sales—the more shopper-friendly way to score cool stuff at bargain-basement prices.

The one to shop now is Orly Genger by Jaclyn Mayer, a collection of spring/summer-perfect accessories crafted of bright industrial rope and metals. (You might recognize the name from its collaborations with J.Crew and Mara Hoffman).

See what to buy here.

PICS: How To Stack Rings Like a Pro



Inspiration! | Images via Honestly WTF, Catbird NYC.

For a very long time, everyone talked about the great arm stack: piles of clanking bangles, all shapes and sizes, lined up on wrists like a kid’s colorful ring-stacking toy. By now, we’ve all mastered this, and every woman I know wears some sort of bracelet stack (though most I’ve seen lack the thoughtful mix of a set curated over decades; a matching — or artfully mismatching — set from H&M or J.Crew does not a stack make).

In any case, with bare wrists making a comeback (even the Man Repeller herself—coiner of the now-tired term “arm party”—has left her wrists naked of late!), we now have a new appendage that we must make a living jewelry display of: Enter the Ring Stack.

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Century 21 Is Opening a Designer Vintage Shop-In-Shop


Some of the goodies you’ll find at Century 21’s new LXR&Co shop-in-shop. | Photos via LXR&Co.

Now firmly settled in its Gallery location, Century 21 is introducing a new concept to its Philly outpost: an in-store designer vintage shop. The permanent addition is a LXR&Co shop, a luxury vintage company with five retail locations across the country.

Slated to open to the public on February 6th, the shop-in-shop will sell estate jewelry and vintage accessories (watches, bags, jewelry, scarves) from brands including Prada, Louis Vuitton, Hermès, Gucci, Bulgari and Cartier, at 30 to 90 percent off retail prices.

Get a preview of standout items here.

The Rumor Mill: Zara on Walnut Street Is Closing For a Very, Very Long Time


Zara on Walnut Street. | Photo via Google.


A tipster emailed to let me know of a startling change to the Walnut retail scene (and, no, it’s not just the Coach closure). Apparently, the Rittenhouse Zara (1715 Walnut Street) will be closing in March for eight months to undergo a serious renovation.

While the store manager insisted that those at the store level were unaware of this, my tipster—a former Zara employee—said that all employees have been offered severance packages for their March 1st departure.

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