Look Inside 10 of Philly’s Most Enviable Closets

There isn’t much in life that’s more personal than our wardrobes — they’re where we stow our personal artifacts, pile our favorite things (and dirty laundry) and hide our skeletons. Here, a glimpse inside the closets, collections and curiosities of Philly’s coolest characters, power players and fashion plates.

Dallas Shaw

Fashion influencer

Nearly 80,000 people follow fashion illustrator Dallas Shaw’s Instagram feed for peeks at her stylish life—and into her gilt-wallpapered closet, a guest room in her circa-1905 Wilmington house that she converted into a dressing room. In the glam space, both designer and “dirt-cheap” clothes line a wardrobe rack, silk scarves hang in a vintage trunk, and part of her vast shoe collection (it spans hundreds of pairs; out-of-season styles are in storage) is displayed on salvaged window frames and along an old gate from a church. “I’m not into the cubed closet thing,” says Shaw. “Instead of a traditional closet, I wanted to have a room that I can live in.”

Photography by Christopher Leaman

Photography by Christopher Leaman

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How One of Philly’s Coolest Developers Spends His Day

Photography by Courtney Apple

Photography by Courtney Apple

David Grasso has his hands in some of Philly’s coolest projects. The founder and CEO of commercial development firm Grasso Holdings, Grasso is a partner 12 different companies (including Fishtown eatery Wm. Mulherin’s Sons; coworking space Pipeline Philly; and ROOST Apartment Hotel). And he knows a thing or two about good design (have you seen the gorgeous interiors of ROOST?), luxe toys (see: His Tesla) and keeping sane during crazy-busy days (he gets 550 emails a week). Read more »

Current Obsession: This De-Stressing Chaise Lounge For the Perennially Frazzled

Konekt chaiseThough the base of the “Pause” chaise is rooted in technology — an ergonomic fiberglass shell created from a 3-D computer rendering — the finished product is crafted to help you escape it. The lounge is an offering from the year-old furniture company Konekt, a Philly-based outfit that combines the work of local artisans (those custom-made, and customizable, brass legs) with sleek design. The result? A sinuous, sexy spot where the perennially stressed-out can disconnect, unplug and, fittingly, pause. Starting at $8,000. Read more »

Suburban Square News: The Mall Gets Its Coolest Store Yet

Suburban Square News: Eaves Opening in Ardmore.

Suburban Square news: Eaves opening a second location in the open-air mall. | Images via Eaves Instagram.

After a season that’s seen some great indie boutiques shutter (R.I.P. Aoki), it’s heartening to see a local brick-and-mortar not only flourish, but expand. Case in point: The news that Eaves, Wayne’s stellar sanctuary for brands like IRO and Isabel Marant, is opening a second location in Suburban Square. (Cue cheering.)  Read more »

We Found the Only Sunglasses You’ll Need for Summer

cutest summer shades

Nothing says summer quite like some cool shades. | Photo by Nell Hoving for Philadelphia Magazine.

Hold your horses and step away from Sunglass Hut — not that there’s anything wrong with Sunglass Hut, but we already found the only sunglasses you’ll need for summer. There are so many reasons why we love these sunnies (the shape! the metallic accents!), but the greatest of all may just be the fact that these frames just make us so darn happyRead more »

Skinny Jeans, Just Die Already

Illustration by Laura Weiszer

Illustration by Laura Weiszer

When I was in college, nights out were a sea of black pants. There were slight variations, sure, but the gist was always the same: low-waisted, tight, boot-cut, made of stretchy synthetic fabric. We wore them with black boots and slinky, stringy Go-Out tops. (It was 2001. We knew no better.) Sometimes we even paired them with modest button-downs for our internships! We wore these pants while we smoked cigarettes and guzzled wine from a box, and we fancied ourselves very sexy and sophisticated.

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A Philly Shop Owner on Rosé, Chocolate and What It’s Really Like to Work With Anna Wintour

Ruben Luna Banner

Photography by Courtney Apple for Philadelphia Magazine.

Meet Ruben (Ben) Luna. Don’t know him yet? You should. He currently owns one of Grad Hospital’s latest boutiques, a concept shop called Workshop Underground. But this New York expat has lived many lives before this, from the stodgy finance industry and the watch world to – perhaps most interestingly –  a stint as the head of product design at the Met. (So yeah, he’s worked with Anna Wintour.)

I chatted with Luna and got him to spill on some of his favorite things: summer’s best rosé, the coolest buys in his shop, the most delicious chocolate ever and more. Oh, and we got the dish on what it’s really like working with fashion’s most powerful force. Read more »

Why I’m Embarrassed (Sort Of) to Live in the Philly Suburbs

Illustration by Nurit Benchetrit

Illustration by Nurit Benchetrit

I lean back in the salon chair, making small talk with Jacques as he squishes shampoo through my hair. We’ve ticked through most of the conversation-starters — kids, pets, work — so I know it’s coming. And of course it does: “So where do you live?” he asks.

I close my eyes, brace myself — because I know exactly how this conversation will pan out — and answer: “Yardley.”

His reply comes rapid-fire, like clockwork: “Really? I thought for sure you lived in the city. You look like a city girl.”

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We’re Calling It: These Made-in-Philly Rings Are Going to Be the Next Big Thing


Photograph by Nell Hoving.

If summer could be captured in gemstones, it would look something like the rings that come out of Bario Neal’s Bella Vista atelier. The newest collection (see above) features threadlike bands dotted with clusters of ethically sourced gems—daffodil-yellow and seafoam sapphires, champagne diamonds that look like sand (if sand sparkled), mossy green andalusite, and opals that recall the froth of ocean waves—all perfect souvenirs of the season.

Bario Neal has already garnered national attention, and for good reason: Their pieces are simple but stunning. When worn stacked up, their pack a punch, but when worn alone – one on a pinkie, or an index finger – it’s a statement all its own. Read more »

An Inside Peek at Rittenhouse’s Best New Gift Shop

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On Sunday, I had the privilege of getting a special peek of Kate Egan’s newest addition to our shopping scene: Egan Rittenhouse, a brilliantly curated gift shop in the Rittenhouse Hotel.

The shop soft-opened a few weeks ago, and Kate invited a handful of people to an intimate dinner celebrating the new venture. Egan Rittenhouse features the same artful, impeccably edited mix that her jewelry shop, Egan Day, is known for, but the boutique’s bent is towards gifts and lifestyle products, like dishes, vases, glassware, caftans (caftans!), men’s grooming products, kid’s toys, and flowers – these are presented in hand-carved wood boxes – created by Terrain’s in-house floral and landscape designer, Matthew Muscarella (see his dreamy Instagram here).   Read more »

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