Emily Goulet

Things to Do

Confession: I’ve Never Seen Rocky

Does that make me a bad Philadelphian?


House of Cards

The sinister, glitter-fueled truth behind my annual holiday greeting.


Inside 10 of Philly’s Most Enviable Closets

Peer into the closets, collections and curiosities of Philly’s coolest characters, power players and fashion plates.


How One of Philly’s Coolest Developers Spends His Day

David Grasso on fast cars, rescue pets and the meal of his dreams.

Konekt chaise

Current Obsession: This De-Stressing Chaise Lounge For the Perennially Frazzled

Need this immediately.


Suburban Square Gets Its Coolest New Shop Yet

Could its latest addition spell good things for the mostly big-box mall?


We Found the Only Sunglasses You’ll Need for Summer

Meet summer’s cutest sunnies.


R.I.P., Skinny Jeans

Can a pair of new pants — yes, pants — mean a big boost for Philly boutiques?


A Philly Shop Owner on Rosé, Chocolate and What It’s Really Like to Work With Anna Wintour

Tip #1: Don’t. Be. Late.

City Life

Why I’m Embarrassed (Sort Of) to Live in the Philly Suburbs

The city is booming like never before, a mecca for the cool and the connected. So why am I here, in the land of strip malls, minivans and Olive Garden?


We’re Calling It: These Made-in-Philly Rings Are Going to Be the Next Big Thing

Wear alone, or stack ’em up.


An Inside Peek at Rittenhouse’s Best New Gift Shop

Watch this video; prepare to spend your entire paycheck.


Am I Too Old to Get a Tattoo?

At age 33, I’ve started to rethink ink. But has my window closed?


This Is How Often You Should Really Be Washing Your Jeans

To wash or not to wash? We got answers.


Meet the Design Genius Behind Philly’s Coolest Shops and Restaurants