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You Can Do Yoga on the Lawn of William Penn’s Pennsbury Manor

Whenever spring decides to show its face, boy-OH-boy will we be excited for all of the fun outdoor yoga around the city. Moving yoga from the studio to […]


Uh-Oh: The Curse of Billy Penn May Be Back to Haunt Us

Back in December, we learned that a team of ironworkers had installed a miniature William Penn figurine atop the new Comcast building in Philadelphia in […]


Farmhouse Friday: A Link to the Founder in North Wales

Around Bucks County, William Penn ranks up there with George Washington as the man who has a connection to everyone’s homes. But in Penn’s case, […]

City Hall - Philadelphia - on Jeopardy!

WATCH: William Penn Was on Jeopardy! Last Night and Nobody Got It

Can you identify the man on top of Philadelphia’s City Hall? What if we offered you the chance to bet on it?


10 Things You Might Not Know About Beer in Philly

Beer is big in Philly right now, but it’s not as big as it once was. “I drink no cider,” John Adams wrote to his wife […]


Farmhouse Friday: A Star-Studded Spread in New Hope

Are you the type that enjoys having guests come by for a spell? What about famous ones? You can add them to the roster of […]


Farmhouse Friday: A Mind-Blowing Estate in New Hope

We’ve shown a lot of crazy homes on Property with our weekly posts—there have been huge mansions, tiny trinities and everything in between. This property […]


11 Things You Might Not Know About the Founding Fathers’ Dogs

Today is National Puppy Day, which is proof, we guess, that every dog has its day, seeing as every dog in the world was once […]


Praise for Penn’s Philadelphia Grid

Turns out that William Penn was one smart dude. We know that in Philadelphia, of course, but here comes The Guardian, pouring praise onto Penn […]


11 Things You Might Not Know About: Philly’s Public Squares

They’re some of the most revered spaces in the city — the five open public squares William Penn laid out in the 1680s to keep […]


Nine Things You Never Knew About William Penn

The miracle of modern mail recently landed an enormous new book, The Philadelphia Country House: Architecture and Landscape in Colonial America, on my desk. Really, […]


William Penn Foundation’s New Leader Quits

Well, that was quick. Peter Degnan, the managing director of the William Penn Foundation, has resigned his position just six months into the job. He had […]


Is Wynnestay The Oldest Philadelphia House On the Market?

We all know Philly is chock-full of historic homes, but which of these golden oldies is the oldest currently on the market? A quick Zillow […]