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philly food trends

5 COVID-Era Philly Food Innovations We Hope Stick Around Forever

It’s true that the biggest restaurant trend of 2020 was Existential Dread. But even the most horrible predicaments — like what COVID did to the […]

Life & Style

The Enduring Appeal of Uggs

Crocs, mom jeans, windbreakers, sandals with socks: If you keep up with trends, you know it’s cool to be uncool these days. I’ve long held […]

new italian restaurants

We’ve Got to Stop Opening Italian Restaurants in Philly

In 2013, I worked at a restaurant in Philly called Fitler Dining Room, led by an ambitious chef named Rob Marzinsky. He did things like […]

canned fish

Philly’s Next Big Food Trend Is … Canned Fish

Philadelphia’s next big food trend isn’t fresh or local. What’s New You can think of canned fish as charcuterie 2.0, in that the once lowbrow […]

astrology trend philadelphia tarot cards t
Life & Style

Philly Is Kind of Obsessed with Tarot Cards and Astrology Right Now

For journalists, it’s always a little startling when an interviewee asks the interviewer a personal question. When this happened to me a few months ago, […]

philadelphia boutiques shopping beauty
Life & Style

3 New Boutiques to Shop — Plus the Latest Philly Shopping and Beauty News

Enterprising local fashionistas are no longer taking the risk of opening brick-and-mortar shops; they’re heading online instead. 1. Americae Gabriela Guaracao, a Villanova grad born […]

repair shops refurbished clothing t
Life & Style

Clothing Repair Shops Are In — but They Actually Were Never Out

This spring, around my fifth wedding anniversary, I started wearing my wedding shoes to work. A pair of sleek walnut brogues, they once felt too […]

Life & Style

Philadelphians Really Just Want to Be Kids Again

Embroidery, macramé, jewelry making, painting — this might read like the arts-and-crafts class schedule at your kid’s summer camp, but it’s not. These are actual […]

Be Well Philly

5 Popular Health Foods You’ll See Everywhere in 2018

When it comes to healthy eating, trends tend to have quite a bit of power. When Atkins became popular, bread was banished. When avocado toast […]


We Have Reached Peak Self-Care

Something peculiar happened in the wake of the presidential election. Along with all the op-eds focused on the resistance came a slew of other pieces […]


OMG, People Are Reselling Lululemon Items Online for Crazy Amounts of Money

Fans of capsule collections and limited-edition goods are no strangers to resellers. Often, these items are snatched up during opening-day chaos, or purchased en masse online […]


Apparently, Bison Is a Huge Trend in Philly

About a week ago, I wrote about local brand United by Blue’s Kickstarter campaign to begin production on ‘The Ultimate American Sock,’ socks that are […]


The Edit: 12 (New) Ways to Wear Plaid

Much like ditzy florals are spring’s pattern of choice, plaid belongs to fall. But the print has a long history, specifically with the dreaded school uniform. Luckily, […]


Temporary Tattoos Are Officially the Coolest New Accessories


The Edit: 8 Ways to Wear Chambray

Chambray is a closet staple at Philly Mag HQ. (Seriously, half the staff owns this shirt.) So, when this season’s iteration of the breezy fabric […]