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City Life

These Are 10 of the Coolest, Oldest and Most Storied Trees in Philadelphia

The stench of shed gingko berries has been compared to “dirty gym socks, vomit or poop.” During the two months a year when the fruits […]

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City Life

You Can Pick Up a Free Tree for Your Property This Fall

Trees and Pennsylvania go way back. Students of Latin will of course know that our state’s name translates to “Penn’s woods.” And William Penn himself, […]

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City Life

Here’s a Philly-Style Green New Deal You Can Actually Help With Today

Philadelphia is home to some 2.9 million trees. That sounds like a lot, but it translates to overall tree coverage of just 20 percent. It’s […]

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The Greener Case for More Trees in Philly

I recently met someone who was unhappy about moving from D.C. to Philadelphia for a new job. He found our town “depressing and ugly.” As […]

City Life

How to Get a Free Tree for Your Property in Philly

Ever get the feeling that there’s not enough greenery on your property? If so, the folks over at TreePhilly want to help bring some more […]

Be Well Philly

It’s That Time Again: How to Get a Free Tree for Your Yard

Are you, much like myself, trying to get into gardening this spring? Well, here, we have a great resource to help you get the wheels […]

Be Well Philly

Arbrew Day Is Coming: Celebrate Arbor Day with a Free Tree and Beer

Make Captain Planet proud this Arbor Day by joining TreePhilly and Yards Brewing Company as they celebrate the holiday with free trees, free beer and […]

Be Well Philly

Start Growing Apples in Your Own Yard: Registration Open for Free Yard Trees

Looking to spruce up your yard but not a fan of lawn gnomes and pink flamingos? (Totally understandable.) Good news: TreePhilly just opened their spring registration for their yard […]

Be Well Philly

Beautiful Yard, Here You Come: Registration Open for Free Yard Trees

Sometimes, I dream of packing my bags, moving to California and settling down in a big house (that I can afford no problem, because it’s […]

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Spruce Up Your Yard: Registration for Free Yard Trees Opens Today

Pssst: If your front yard has been looking a little drab as of late, we’ve got the perfect fix — and it won’t cost you […]

Be Well Philly

Get a Free Tree From TreePhilly Today

In celebration of Arbor Day, Tree Philly, a greening initiative led by Philadelphia Parks & Recreation along with Fairmount Park Conservancy, will be giving away […]