Start Growing Apples in Your Own Yard: Registration Open for Free Yard Trees

Find out how to be a proud parent of your very own tree!

Photo via Facebook | Tree Philly

Photo via Facebook | Tree Philly

Looking to spruce up your yard but not a fan of lawn gnomes and pink flamingos? (Totally understandable.) Good news: TreePhilly just opened their spring registration for their yard tree program, where folks get to scoop up a beautiful tree of their very own, completely free of charge. 

This year’s free tree lineup includes gray birch, honey locust, sugarberry, ironwood, padoga dogwood, cornelian cherry, apple serviceberry, American hazelnut, staghorn sumac, apple, santa rosa plum and tilton apricot. That’s right: You could start growing apricots, apples, plums, berries and hazelnuts in your backyard. Here’s to becoming your own Whole Foods!

To snag a tree (TreePhilly lets Philly residents register for up to two free trees to plant in their yard), just sign up here for one of four April pick-up events where you’ll get your tree. At the pick-up event, TreePhilly will also send you home with a bag of mulch to plant your tree, which will be around two to ten feet tall.

And if you’re worried about your lack of tree-care knowledge (I mean, it’s Philadelphia — we’re not exactly the agrarian type), don’t sweat it. TreePhilly offers demonstrations on how to plant and take care of your new green friend at each pick-up event. They also have online guides for picking your ideal tree and how to grow it properly. Learn more about TreePhilly and register for your free yard tree here.

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