Here’s How to Get Your Restaurant Publicity On, Or: How Bad PR People Ruin the PR Industry

Restaurants of Philadelphia, sometimes just being a great restaurant isn’t enough to get publicity for your restaurant. In some cases, you need to buy a […]


The Millennial Revolution: We’re Committed to the City

It’s 9 p.m. on a Saturday night, and my boyfriend and I are driving toward the Philadelphia skyline. We’ve had a lovely evening visiting friends […]


ThinkFest Video: Leigh Gallagher

Philadelphia native, journalist, and self proclaimed suburbologist, Leigh Gallagher, gives an informative talk about the major changes happening to the suburbs. The American dream is […]


Philly Gets Richer, its Suburbs Get Poorer, and the Middle Class… Vanishes?

Something that hasn’t yet sunk into the regional psyche has surfaced in the local media: Philly is getting richer and its suburbs poorer. That’s a […]


Anthropologie Coming to Newtown

Huge news on the Bucks Co. retail scene: It looks like Anthropologie is opening an outpost in Newtown. The township will welcome the chain to its […]


The Hooters Opened Ardmore Music Hall On Saturday Night

Nearly thirty years ago, the Hooters opened Live Aid, Philadelphia’s greatest concert event of all time. (Sorry, Made In America). And on Saturday night, the […]


Three Philly Suburbs Among America’s Best Small Towns

NewsWorks reports: Two Pennsylvania and one New Jersey suburb have been named in the “America’s 50 Best Small Towns” list compiled by CNN Money roundup, […]


The Second Powerball Ticket Belongs to a Group of New Jersey Garage Workers

A group of 16 workers in a Ocean County, N.J., garage have stepped forward as the owners of one of three winning tickets in Wednesday’s […]


Meet Leigh Gallagher, Author of The End of the Suburbs

Your new book says the American Dream is in the middle of a major shift — various forces are making the suburbs unnecessary and undesirable. That’s […]


Dave Matthews Hitchhiked to Dave Matthews Concert in PA Last Night

Please let this story not spawn a rash of indiscriminate hitchhiking behavior. Last night, a nice, friendly couple was late for a Dave Matthews Band […]


Main Line U.S. Open-Haters Incorrectly Referring to Visitors as “Shoobies”

A funny thing happened on the way to the U.S. Open. As practice rounds kicked off on Monday, a few Pennsylvania residents took to Twitter […]


Confession: I’ve Worn Racy T-Shirts at the KOP Mall!

Attention, Americans: From here on out, please keep any modest displays of rage, love, truth and/or solidarity within the confines of your own home. Those […]


Richie Ashburn’s Widow in Tears Over His Endangered Gladwyne Grave

It has been nearly 16 years since Philadelphia lost Richie Ashburn, one of the greatest Phillies players of all time. The beloved Hall of Famer, […]


Tesla Opens First PA Car Dealership at KOP Mall

You’ve probably heard of Tesla Motors by now, the California company that designs and manufactures electric cars. Founded in 2003, Tesla almost didn’t make it […]


The Bucks Co. Bear and 4 Other Local Wild Animals of Note

Hide your honey, your porridge and (in reality) your bird feeders and your garbage cans. There’s a bear on the loose! Over the past week, […]