Erdon Has Officially Opened In the Moorestown Mall

  It’s finally here! After two decades in its former Marlton space, Erdon has set up shop in a somewhat unlikely new spot: the Moorestown Mall. (Yes, really.) […]

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Philadelphians, Suburbanites Are Ripping You Off

Philadelphians, you are being ripped off. No, not by the government. Nor the parking authority. Nor even the overpriced coffee shop on the corner. You’re being ripped […]

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Are Suburban Schools Immoral?

Quick question on the first day of kindergarten in Philly public schools: Is it actually immoral to take your kid and flee the city for […]

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Live in Radnor? Better Not Say You’re From Philly

Hillary Kelly wrote a ridiculous piece for the New Republic a few days ago to say that unless a person is from Philadelphia County proper […]

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Can Wild Boar Save the Suburban Mall?

THERE’S NO DOUBT ABOUT IT—THIS IS MARC VETRI’S OSTERIA. It’s 8 p.m. on a Saturday night, with a 45-minute wait and good-looking people standing three-deep […]


Census: Philadelphians Are Moving to Montgomery County

Despite the fact that the American Dream has changed, and no longer necessarily signifies the white picket fence and 2.5 children living in the ’burbs, […]

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All of the Philly Bars I Went to In My 20s Have Closed

The end of Sugar Mom’s marked it: The bars of my youth are gone. The places I haunted as a 20-something are closed. Alfa, Sugar […]


Poor Sarah Lockard Lands On Gawker’s “Five PR Tragedies” List

Just when Sarah Lockard was finally slipping back into the relative anonymity that she so thoroughly enjoyed before she asked Philadelphia-area restaurants to buy her […]

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Meet the Edward Snowdens of Philadelphia

Tom Corbett
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Tom Corbett Hates Ardmore

Look up “eff-you” in the dictionary, and this is what you’ll find.

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Is IKEA Spying on You?

Swedish-based IKEA–which headquarters its US operations in Conshohocken–is the subject of a damning New York Times article today. Apparently the company spends hundreds of thousands of Euros/Dollars […]


Here’s How to Get Your Restaurant Publicity On, Or: How Bad PR People Ruin the PR Industry

Restaurants of Philadelphia, sometimes just being a great restaurant isn’t enough to get publicity for your restaurant. In some cases, you need to buy a […]

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The Millennial Revolution: We’re Committed to the City

It’s 9 p.m. on a Saturday night, and my boyfriend and I are driving toward the Philadelphia skyline. We’ve had a lovely evening visiting friends […]

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ThinkFest Video: Leigh Gallagher

Philadelphia native, journalist, and self proclaimed suburbologist, Leigh Gallagher, gives an informative talk about the major changes happening to the suburbs. The American dream is […]

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Tales O’ Halloween: The Drunk Villanova Student Who Dressed As a Mailman

If this guy’s costume was “Drunk mailman,” he nailed it. According to police, an [18-year-old] man dressed as a postal worker was lying between two […]