The Ultimate Recycled Christmas Tree Maze Opens in Media

It’s that point in January when I start to make fun of people who still have their holiday decorations up. However, at one Media farm, they’re just getting started with thousands of Christmas trees.

Linvilla Orchards opened their Ultimate Recycled Tree Maze, which uses unsold Christmas trees from around the region. Normally, these unloved trees get chopped into mulch or end up in landfills, but Linvilla has given them second life in a wildly challenging family puzzle.

“Be prepared to get lost,” claims the promotional materials for the attraction. “The maze takes anywhere from 3o minutes to an hour to get through, depending on your internal navigation system. Don’t bother bringing your GPS.”

The maze is outside, so make sure to bundle up. Once the attraction closes for the reason, Linvilla will turn the trees into fuel to heat their green house miniature golf course (which you can see below in a promotional video), so it’s a win-win-win for the environment, the Orchard, and your family.

It costs $5 to get in, unless you pair up the maze with a round of mini golf (then it’s only $4). For more information, visit Linvilla’s webpage.