Poor Sarah Lockard Lands On Gawker’s “Five PR Tragedies” List

Just when Sarah Lockard was finally slipping back into the relative anonymity that she so thoroughly enjoyed before she asked Philadelphia-area restaurants to buy her and her “awesome” family a free Christmas Eve dinner, Gawker has included her on its list of “Five PR Tragedies That Shouldn’t Be Repeated this Year — or Ever.”

Writes Gawker, in a post sponsored by Comedy Central’s addictive Kroll Show, under the heading, “Will Shill for Food”:

This tale of a suburban mom offering up positive restaurant reviews in exchange for free meals would be endearing if it weren’t so shilltastic. The blogger in question promised to favorably promote any area restaurant willing to give her family a $1,000 dining experience on Christmas Eve. Promoting, in this context, apparently means posting five pictures of her dazzling night out to her Instagram account — which boasts a whopping 560 followers, thankyouverymuch.

For more on this and the other PR tragedies, which include PR exec Justine Sacco and her “Going to Africa. Hope I don’t get AIDS…” tweet, visit Gawker.