Smoking Ban


OPINION: What New Jersey Really Should Do to Decrease Smoking

I used to smoke up until my mid-20s. And then I stopped. Partly because I married a nonsmoker, but also because I started seeing this […]


North Wildwood Joins “Other Top Boardwalks” With Smoking Ban

Taking a cue from its neighbor directly to the south, North Wildwood city council recently adopted an ordinance that prohibits smoking on the Jersey Shore […]


Come 2018, Smokers on Wildwood’s Boardwalk Could Be Looking at Jail Time

City commissioners in Wildwood approved an ordinance on Wednesday that bans smoking on its famous boardwalk starting Jan. 1, 2018, becoming the second South Jersey […]


It’s Time for a Real Crackdown on Smoking in Pennsylvania

We like to talk about the cleaner, more progressive Philadelphia — hammocks on the waterfront, yoga in the park, open streets, bike sharing — but […]


Should Philly Ban Smoking at Bus Shelters?

An academic study found that waiting for the bus is so awful that it can actually compel your mind to lie to you. Every minute that you wait […]


The Brief: Why No One in Philly Smokes Anymore

1. Philly’s smoking rate has fallen to a record low. The gist: CBS3 reports that “the percentage of adult Philadelphians who smoke has dropped from 27.3 percent in 2008 […]


Morning Headlines: Smoking Bans Rolling Out in Philly Condo Buildings

If you’re a smoker, you know firsthand that there are fewer and fewer places for you to take a hassle-free drag these days. Now, if […]


No More Half-Measures: Let’s Ban Smoking in Pennsylvania

Dom Costa is a wimp. The state representative from Allegheny has introduced a bill that would ban Pennsylvanians from smoking while driving — as long […]


South Jersey Town Bans Smoking on Streets, Sidewalks, Stoops and Steps

Gloucester City is a 2.7-square mile town along the Delaware River just south of Camden, with the New Jersey end of the Walt Whitman Bridge […]


Bill Bans Smoking in Jersey Parks

The Star-Ledger reports from New Jersey: “The state Legislature today approved a bill that would ban people from smoking in county and municipal parks but […]


Jersey Shore Beach Smoking Ban Bill Has a Gigantic Loophole

A bill that would ban smoking on New Jersey’s beaches has taken another step closer to becoming a reality, but with a loophole big enough […]

Michael Nutter

Mayor Nutter’s Public Park Smoking Ban Is Pointless Nanny-State Grandstanding

Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter seems to be in the middle of an existential crisis. Now, normally this confrontation with life, the universe, and everything is […]


Philadelphia Bans Smoking in Public Parks

Thinking of lighting up a smoke in Rittenhouse Square? You can still do it, but you’ll be breaking the law. On Tuesday, Mayor Michael Nutter […]