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How to Use Positive Psychology to Get Past Your Partner’s Annoying Quirks

No matter how Hollywood may paint it, falling in love is actually the easy part — it’s staying in love that’s the real trick. And […]

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Why Getting Hit on at the Gym Is Actually the Worst

The other day, a friend of mine posted a Facebook status about getting hit on at the gym. She wasn’t flattered, she was frustrated. She […]

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Study: People Who Live Alone Are Thinner Than Those Who Cohabitate

Considering moving in with your girlfriend or boyfriend? Er, a new study may have you thinking twice. It found that people who live alone tend to have […]


Welcome to Polydelphia!

Tiffany Adams is running late. I saw that coming even before she texted me at 4:19 p.m., 11 minutes ahead of our arranged meeting at […]


9 Philly Missed Connections That Need to Happen This Valentine’s Day

It’s not easy to find love — especially in Philadelphia, especially in February. But it’s not like we’re not trying. No, we’re trying really hard — from […]

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Invisible Boyfriend: Order A Fake Boyfriend For When The Real Thing Is Just Too Much

“Invisible Boyfriend gives you real-world and social proof that you’re in a relationship—even if you’re not—so you can get back to living life on your […]

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Man Crush Monday: Kevin Gallagher

Every week, Philly gay gents share their local picks for Man Crush Monday. This week, Kevin Gallagher, an HIV linkage coordinator at Drexel University College of Medicine. […]


Five Observations About Trying to Find a Date on the Internet in 2014

When I was in my 20s, and stinging after a break-up, I would sometimes place a personal ad on Craigslist. I did so half seriously, […]

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HEADS UP: The Happy Healthy Lesbian Online Conference Starts Next Week

Your 2014 resolution to become the best lesbian you can be just became a little more attainable. Next week the Happy Healthy Lesbian Telesummit kicks […]

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Study Finds That Gay Couples are Happier Than Straight Couples

I guess we’re called “gay” for a reason. A new survey of 5,000 adults in the U.K found that childless gay couples have happier relationships than […]


As You Make Your 2014 Resolutions, Ask Yourself This: Are Your Friends Good People?

As the New Year approaches, we are all thinking about the 2014 resolutions we ought to be making to better our lives and allow for […]


The Holidays Are the Perfect Time to End Your Dead-End Relationship

Are you dating someone who is stuck in quick sand? You want marriage, but they need to think? You want forever, they are unsure. Do […]


7 Reasons Middle-Aged Women Need to Get Off Facebook

Women make up 64 percent of Facebook’s more than 500 million members, half of whom are reported to log into their account daily. Although the […]


9 Easy Ways to Divorce-Proof Your Marriage

With the divorce rates still hovering over fifty percent, couples are understandably wondering how to stay the course and beat the odds. Since length of […]


Jersey Court Orders Sesame Street’s Gordon to Pay Palimony

NBC 10 reports: A judge in New Jersey has ordered Roscoe Orman, who plays Gordon on the children’s TV show, to continue paying palimony to […]