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Philadelphia Marathon

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Running the Philadelphia Marathon? Try This Eight-Week Training Plan

Cory Smith is the founder of Run Your Personal Best, an online running coaching business that has helped hundreds of runners achieve personal bests in […]

Be Well Philly

These “Psychs on Bikes” Want to Help You Finish the Philadelphia Marathon

After all this training, still scared you’re going to fall apart at the Philadelphia Marathon on Sunday? Don’t worry. You can just chat with actual […]

Be Well Philly

Philadelphia Marathon Cancelled; Broad Street Run to Go Virtual This Year, City Officials Say

Today at a news conference on COVID-19, Mayor Kenney formally announced that in an effort to slow the spread of coronavirus, all large, public events […]

philadelphia marathon proposal
Philadelphia Wedding

Philly Guy Runs Marathon, Proposes at Finish Line, is Better at Sundays Than You

We’ve seen marathon proposals go epically wrong, but we’ve also seen them go wonderfully right. Philly road races are often full of sentimental moments (and […]

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Philadelphia Marathon Guide: Everything You Need to Know for Running and Cheering

Note: The 2020 Philadelphia Marathon is cancelled. Read more here. It’s the final countdown, folks: The AACR Philadelphia Marathon is a mere three days away […]

marathon runner
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This Event Director and Marathon Runner Is Actually All About Strength Training

This post is part of our Running Week content. Stay tuned for more stories related to pounding the pavement. Who I am: Stacey Gross (@s__gross), 30 Where I […]

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If You’re Going to Propose at a Marathon, THIS Is How You Do It

A marriage proposal is an exciting, emotional time between two people — it’s also something that a lot of people seem to have opinions about. […]

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13 Amazing Signs From the Philadelphia Marathon

Once again, the Philadelphia Marathon cheering squads have outdone themselves. Not only did they stick it out in the cold to cheer on their family, […]

philadelphia marathon guide
Be Well Philly

Philadelphia Marathon Guide: Everything You Need to Know for Running and Cheering

It’s the final countdown, folks: The AACR Philadelphia Marathon is a mere four days away — and the Half Marathon is just three! Thousands upon thousands […]

philadelphia marathon challenges
Be Well Philly

5 Challenges You’ll Face During the Philadelphia Marathon — And How to Prepare for Them

You know running the Philly Marathon isn’t going to be easy, right? To help you prepare for some of the event’s surprises, here’s five Philadelphia […]

marathon training rest day
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5 Smart Ways to Spend Your Rest Day During Philadelphia Marathon Training

Marathon training is exhausting — both physically and mentally. Month after month, you’re focused on one thing only: running. Weekend long runs start to become […]

spectator sports
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Someone Finally Made Swag for the Real Race-Day Heroes: The Spectators

You know what is a totally under-appreciated sport? I’m not talking about badminton (though, agree). Nope, the real under-appreciated sport is race spectating. It’s exhausting, it takes […]

race-specific workouts
Be Well Philly

3 Race-Specific Workouts That’ll Help You Finish the Philadelphia Marathon Faster

With a little over six weeks until the Philadelphia Marathon, it’s important that the majority of your workouts are specific to the demands of the marathon. […]

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Kick Off Your Philadelphia Marathon Training With This Group Run and Party

Welcome to Run Month at Be Well Philly! Every week, we’ll bring you the best and the latest on info on running around Philadelphia. Stay tuned for […]

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You Can Now Register for the Philadelphia Marathon and Half Marathon

I know, I know — it feels like the 2017 Philadelphia Marathon just happened. And yet here we are, a few months later, already thinking about next […]