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Cory Smith

Be Well Philly

Your 10-Week Broad Street Run Training Plan

Our expert guide to help you train for a 10-miler in 10 weeks.

Be Well Philly

An Eight-Week Training Plan for the Philadelphia Marathon

Calling all procrastinators!

broad street run over
Be Well Philly

What to Do Now That Broad Street Is Over

Running coach Cory Smith tells you how to keep your motivation up.

first-time broad street runners
Be Well Philly

The Top 10 Things First-Time Broad Street Runners Need To Know

Starting with: Get ready for crowds.

broad street next week
Be Well Philly

The 4 Things You Must Do to Prepare Yourself for Broad Street

Hint: Don’t overdo it.

goal pace
Be Well Philly

How Fast Should You Run Broad Street?

Running coach Cory Smith gives you tips to figure out your goal pace ahead of time.

starting run training late
Be Well Philly

The Procrastinator’s Guide to Training for the Broad Street Run

Starting your training late? Running coach Cory Smith has a plan for you.

cross-training classes
Be Well Philly

Smart Ways to Cross-Train for the Broad Street Run

No. 1: Don’t do a demanding workout the day before a difficult run.

hilly runs
Be Well Philly

Should You Train on Hills for the Broad Street Run?

Running coach Cory Smith gives us the answer.

philadelphia marathon challenges
Be Well Philly

5 Challenges You’ll Face During the Philadelphia Marathon — And How to Prepare for Them

Read this now, thank yourself later.

marathon training rest day
Be Well Philly

5 Smart Ways to Spend Your Rest Day During Marathon Training

According to a running coach.

race-specific workouts
Be Well Philly

3 Race-Specific Workouts That’ll Help You Finish the Philadelphia Marathon Faster

Get ready to crush your Philadelphia Marathon time.

Be Well Philly

10 Things You Need to Know Before the Broad Street Run

You’ve trained your body — now prepare your mind.

broad street run
Be Well Philly

The Procrastinator’s Guide to Training for the Broad Street Run in Under a Month

You can (still) do it.

healthy things to do
Be Well Philly

The Best Trails for Speed Training Runs Around Philadelphia

Get ready to run Broad Street even faster.