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Plant-Forward Meal Service Reap Wellness Just Opened an Adorable Health Market in Fishtown

After two and a half years of filling our fridges — and bellies — with uber-delicious, totally plant-based breakfast, lunch, and snacks, local meal delivery […]

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How to Safely Work Out and Eat Well During a Heat Wave, According to Philly Wellness Pros

Philly summers are hot — in both senses of the word. There’s always something fun to do, but temps can be rough. Last summer was […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Nutritionists and Dietitians in Philly

Whether you’re looking to develop a healthier relationship with food, create personalized meal plans, or eat in accordance with allergies or chronic illness, these Philly-based […]

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My Produce Is Spoiling Fast. How Can I Make Fresh Food Last Longer?

Last weekend, my fiancé ventured out to the supermarket for a massive grocery haul. Because of ‘Rona, we’ve limited our grocery trips to about once […]

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Why Chickpeas Should Be the Star of Your Quarantine Pantry

If you clicked on this, I’d like to imagine that you’re taking an active interest in the new guidelines of health and wellness in the […]

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12 Healthy Recipes Made From Foods With Long Shelf Lives

Earlier this week, we gave you some tips on how to be a responsible grocery shopper and pantry stocker, especially now that only “essential” businesses […]

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How to Responsibly Stock Your Pantry, According to Philly Nutritionists

This post has been updated. Grocery shopping in the time of coronavirus has been … a whirlwind to say the least. There’s been an increase […]

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New Fast-Casual Spot Vegan-ish Offers Healthy Alternatives in West Philly

At Vegan-ish, just north of Girard Avenue on 52nd Street, you can order delicious veggie options like a chickpea burger samosa, fried brussels sprouts, and […]

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Here’s Why Intermittent Fasting Is Suddenly So Popular in Philly, According to Nutrition Pros

Note: This post addresses intermittent fasting as a diet, not fasting done for religious or cultural purposes. You should consult with a doctor, nutritionist, or […]

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How to Combat 5 Common Health Symptoms Through Nutrition

If you aren’t feeling well, you might take a pain relief pill and call it a day or make a quick appointment to see a […]

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The Best Things to Grill This Summer If You Don’t Eat Meat

Just because you don’t like eating meat, doesn’t mean you have to miss out this grilling season. We asked our favorite Philly nutritionists and health […]

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We Talked to a Philly Sports Dietitian to Find Out How Runners Should Eat

This post is part of our Running Week series. Stay tuned for more stories related to pounding the pavement. During my junior year of college, I decided […]

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Here’s the Advice Philly Fitness Instructors Wish They Could Give Their Younger Selves

You know all those glow-up posts going around a while back? The ones that made you remember why you tend to avoid looking at pictures of […]

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How Positive Affirmations and Consistent Exercise Helped Me Lose 86 Pounds

Changing your body takes hard work, persistence, and dedication. Here’s one local’s story. Want to share your Transformation Story? Email Who: Jade D. Thomas (@lifecoach_jade24), 32, graphic designer and […]

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After Trying Every Diet Under the Sun, Here’s the Plan That Actually Changed My Body

Changing your body takes hard work, persistence, and dedication. Here’s one local’s story. Want to share your Transformation Story? Email  Who: Juliet Root, 30, Unite Fitness owner […]