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5 Great Homes in Hot Neighborhoods for $300K or Less

The good news for those looking to buy their first home is: There are good finds available even in the highly sought-after neighborhoods. Most of […]


The Platinum Standard in Northern Liberties for $1.433M

So just how green is this brand-new townhouse in the heart of Northern Liberties? Not too green, judging from that picture above. Looks more like […]


An Effortless Cool: Cadence Reviewed

The bison tartare was lovely, of course: bloody red in a white bowl, offset by slices of salsify, the yellow dust of egg yolks, beet […]


5 Great Opportunities in the City for the Would-Be Gardener

The Philadelphia Flower Show’s 190th annual edition is now one for the record books, but we’re sure that some of you out there came away […]


Aloft in Northern Liberties for $425K

Looking for a condo that’s a real flight of fancy? Take off for Northern Liberties and land at this stunner on North Hancock Street. This […]


Northern Liberties Org Calls Swastika “Cultural Terrorism”

As the Philadelphia Police Department continues to investigate the swastika and other graffiti that appeared on a house in Northern Liberties on Tuesday morning, Northern […]


Somebody Painted a Swastika on This Northern Liberties House

The Philadelphia Police Department is investigating after a resident called to report that a swastika had been painted on the front of the Northern Liberties […]


Two Philly Zip Codes Make List of Country’s Top 10 Most Gentrified

Have you noticed your neighbors munching on avocado toast more at Sunday brunch? Come to think of it, have you noticed them having big Sunday brunches […]


Inner Beauty in Northern Liberties for $800K

Builder Chris Sincavage didn’t want his second home in Northern Liberties to stick out like a sore thumb. So when he got around to turning […]


What $500K Will Buy You in Northern Liberties

For about 20 of the nearly 35 years I’ve lived here, people were touting Northern Liberties as Philly’s “next hot neighborhood.” And this was back […]


A Little More in Northern Liberties for $320K

Just as American houses in general have gotten bigger and more tricked-out since the 1960s, so the Philadelphia trinity home underwent its own expansion, as […]

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A New Orangetheory Fitness Gym is Opening in Northern Liberties

In case you haven’t been keeping up, Philly’s fitness scene is booming, and we’ve just caught wind of yet another opening coming just after the New Year: […]


Habitat: A Light and Lofty Space in Northern Liberties

The good news about Naomi Stein’s Northern Liberties loft is that it’s a big, light-filled space. The bad news? “Open-concept is a real challenge to […]


Shop and Sip at Northern Liberties’ Second Street Sessions

Whether you love holiday shopping (it’s an excuse to buy things that will hopefully delight your loved ones!) or dread it (it costs money and […]

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Police: Man Tied Up With Vacuum Cord During NoLibs Home Invasion

You may have heard a NoLibs-based horror story on Wednesday. Rumors of a home invasion swirled after residents took to the Northern Liberities Neighbors Facebook group to share […]