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Marijuana Enthusiast N.A. Poe’s Fishtown Restaurant Is Finally Here

It’s been one doozy of a trip for N.A. Poe. He’s been a comedian. He sorta ran for City Council and Attorney General of Pennsylvania. […]


Marijuana Crusader N.A. Poe Is Opening a Restaurant In Fishtown

“I want it to become a destination spot,” says well-known marijuana enthusiast N.A. Poe when I ask him about Poe’s Sandwich Joint, his upcoming Fishtown […]


The Court Jester of Philly Pot Isn’t Smiling Anymore

First, the promo: N.A. Poe zipped himself up in a leafy green costume that covered him completely. He looked a little like the Phillie Phanatic, […]


N.A. Poe to Plead Guilty to Drug Charges in Pot Party Case

Cannabis crusader N.A. Poe is expected to plead guilty in state court on Wednesday morning to drug charges stemming from last year’s big pot party […]


NA Poe Is Back on the Street, but Judge Says No More Pot Parties

Just over a week after he was arrested during a pot party raid in the Frankford section of Northeast Philadelphia, marijuana advocate NA Poe, whose […]


NA Poe Pot Party Building Is a “Death Trap,” Says City

Gideon Rettich is a master woodworker in Philadelphia, but he’s not going to be able to get into his studio for a while. You see, […]


NA Poe Hires Chuck Peruto, Who Says Poe Was “Face, Not Brains” of Pot Party

Well, the case surrounding NA Poe‘s raided pot party just got a little more interesting. Poe, whose real name is Richard Tamaccio, has retained Chuck […]


NA Poe Arrest Shows the War on Drugs Is Alive and Well in Philadelphia

The last time I saw cannabis crusader NA Poe on Saturday night, he was busy attending to the details of his big pot party going […]


I Was at N.A. Poe’s Pot Party Saturday Night Right Before It Got Raided

On Saturday evening, hundreds of people showed up at a warehouse space in Northeast Philadelphia for one of marijuana activist N.A. Poe‘s legendary pot parties […]


If You See a Porn Star Having Lunch in Philly, Here’s Why

We at Philly Mag get lots of tips about celebrities, semi-celebrities, and straight-up D-listers having dinner at Parc or drinks at Oscars or a workout […]


N.A. Poe Is the Hardest Working Pothead in Philly

My name is … N.A. Poe. My friends call me Poe.

Pop Up Weed Garden Promotion

Weed Activist Dons Pot-Leaf Costume to Promote “Pop Up Weed Garden”

You may have been lucky enough to see Hempy the Weed Leaf running loose in Philadelphia yesterday – but if not, there will be plenty of […]


Marijuana Activist Drops Out of Race for Pa. Attorney General

Marijuana activist N.A. Poe has extinguished his campaign for Pennsylvania Attorney General. Poe, the Libertarian candidate, announced his intention to withdraw from the race this […]


Pot Crusader N.A. Poe Says Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Law Stinks

You’d think that a guy who has spent years advocating for marijuana law reform would be positively thrilled by the news that medical marijuana is […]

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VIDEO: Weedney Houston Performs Throughout Gayborhood

Oh, Whitney was right: Crack is whack, baby! She would have rather smoked some herb, at least according to  female impersonator Carl Max (AKA Weedney Houston) […]