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Liquor Control Board

bottomless brunch in philadelphia

Hey Philly Restaurants, You Might Want to Reconsider Doing a Bottomless Brunch

It seems like not a week goes by without us seeing some restaurant using Instagram, Facebook or TikTok to promote its bottomless brunch in Philadelphia. […]

A bottle of Veuve Clicquot, one of the 43 products the PLCB is now rationing in Pennsylvania liquor stores (Getty Images)
City Life

Here’s the Full List of Booze That Pennsylvania Is Now Rationing to Residents, Bars and Restaurants

It’s the weekend, so you might be planning on hitting the liquor store to stock up on your favorite bottles. Who could blame you? Well, […]

a patch of the pennsylvania state police's liquor control enforcement arm and a bartender pouring drinks
City Life

State Liquor Police Have Visited Philly Area Bars More Than 5,000 Times In July

A roundup of Philly news. This article may be updated at any time as new information becomes available. Pennsylvania State Police Liquor Control Enforcement Officers […]

open a restaurant in philadelphia

Philly Is the Worst City in Which to Open a Restaurant

This piece is one part of our How Philly Stacks Up article. Read more ways Philly has been ranked as the best, the worst, and […]

lansdowne dry town referendum liquor sales

Lansdowne Is No Longer a Dry Town

Thanks to a referendum approved by Lansdowne voters in yesterday’s election, restaurants in the Delaware County borough will be able to sell alcohol in the […]

City Life

Neighbors Want This Philly Bar Shut Down Now

Plenty of bars in Philadelphia have bouncers. But not very many have armed security guards wearing bulletproof vests. During the day.


If This Bill Passes, Privately-Owned Liquor Stores Could Finally Be a Thing in Philly

Less than a year ago, Governor Tom Wolf signed a pretty big-deal liquor reform bill allowing grocery stores, restaurants and hotels that already sold beer […]

City Life

Yes, You Will Soon Buy Wine at Grocery Stores

It’s official. Governor Tom Wolf signed a historic PA liquor reform bill Wednesday afternoon that will make wine more easily accessible: Soon you’ll be able to […]


The Brief: This Is Why Your Artisanal Cocktail Costs $13

1. The cost of liquor licenses in Philadelphia is skyrocketing. The gist: Michael Klein reports for Philly.com that the price of a liquor license in […]


Pa. Senator: I’ll Introduce New Liquor Privatization Bill

Scott Wagner, who last year won a special election to the Pennsylvania Senate as a write-in candidate, is attempting to do what many politicians have tried […]

City Life

PA House Passes Liquor Privatization, 114-87

The Pennsylvania House passed a bill Thursday to privatize the state-run liquor system by a vote of 114-87. Here’s how the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board would be […]

City Life

PLCB Pays State a Half-Billion Dollars

Here’s the best reason for leaving Pennsylvania’s liquor sales in the hands of the state: Selling booze makes a lot of money for Harrisburg’s bank […]

City Life

State May Raise Liquor Prices

AP reports the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board might raise the markup on booze in state stores from 30 percent to 35 percent. The 30 percent take […]

City Life

Pennsylvania Senate to Discuss Liquor Law Reform This Week

KYW 1060’s Tony Romeo reports Republican leaders in the Pennsylvania Senate will attempt again to pass an overhaul of the state’s liquor laws. As every […]