Yes, You Will Soon Buy Wine at Grocery Stores

You can also get it shipped to your home. And you can get it on Sundays.

It’s official.

Governor Tom Wolf signed a historic PA liquor reform bill Wednesday afternoon that will make wine more easily accessible: Soon you’ll be able to grab bottles on-the-go from restaurants, hotels and grocery stores that already sell beer.

“This historic legislation is a tremendous leap into bringing Pennsylvania into the 21st century,” House Speaker Mike Turzai, the prime sponsor of the legislation, said in a press release shortly after the bill was signed. “This privatization bill will bring consumers the added choice and convenience they have been asking for since Prohibition.”

The bill, which will take effect in 60 days, had a surprisingly quick journey through the House, passing in a 157-31 vote.

State stores will soon operate on Sundays and holidays, and you can get wine shipped directly to your home. Gas stations can now sell six packs, and casinos can serve alcohol whenever they’re open.

It might takes months for the law to take full effect, and consumers aren’t yet permitted more than four bottles at a time. But it’s still the biggest stride in Pa. liquor reform since the pre-prohibition days.

“I want to commend leaders and members from both parties in the House and Senate for coming together to pass this legislation, and today, I am proud to design it into law,” Wolf said in a statement. “As I have always said, my goal is to modernize the sale of liquor and beer in Pennsylvania and this reform package finally brings Pennsylvania’s wine and spirits system into the 21st century.”

Senator Chuck McIlhinney said in a press release that the demand for liquor reform was among “the most pressing concerns we hear from community residents.”

Republicans refused to vote on the bill when the Senate passed it last year, claiming it didn’t do enough to privatize the liquor sales business. When the House and Senate passed a bill last year that would eliminate state liquor stores, Wolf vetoed it.

“This is truly a historic day for Pennsylvania and the most significant step the commonwealth has taken to reform our liquor system in 80 years,” Wolf said.

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