Nordstrom Rack’s Roving Cashiers Are Exactly What We Want

C’mon, admit it: You hate people like I do, right? OK, maybe not hate hate — but the fewer of them around, the better. Well, here’s […]


Comcast Rolls Out Xfinity Prepaid Internet Service Across Entire Service Area

Comcast announced on Thursday that its latest option for customers looking to break out of Internet contracts — Xfinity Prepaid Internet Service — is now […]


The Internet Is Killing Happiness. Can We Stop It?

So, I’ll admit it: I was looking at my phone the moment my two-year-old fell off a stump at our little Fairmount playground and bashed […]


Comcast Increases Internet Speeds in Pennsylvania

Comcast will increase internet speeds at no additional cost for many customers in Pennsylvania, as well as in 13 other states in the Northeast Division, […]


Watch Out Comcast, Startup Aims to Deliver Cheap Internet

Chet Kanojia has an incredibly ambitious plan to take on some of the biggest businesses in the world. He aims to provide low-cost, gigabit-speed Internet access […]


Tina Fey: Don’t Ask Me to Explain My Jokes

If you’ve followed Tina Fey over the past few years, you know she’s no fan of the Internet — despite the fact that the Internet […]


Comcast CEO Defends Data Caps

Comcast CEO Brian Roberts defended the company’s use of data overage charges while speaking at the Business Insider conference this week in New York. Comcast is rolling […]


Comcast’s 2-Gig Internet Costs Up to $299 Per Month

After Comcast released its super-fast, fiber-based Internet service in several markets, people in Philadelphia were undoubtedly excited. Internet at a speed of 2n gigabits per […]


Comcast to Increase Internet Speeds

Comcast is increasing Internet speeds for many customers in the Northeastern United States — although Philly still has to wait a while for the ultra-fast 2-gigabit-per-second service that […]


These Are the 20 Stupidest Computer Passwords

You know you ought to change the passwords you use online more often. You hear about it, you read about it, you even know that […]

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Study Links Craigslist Personal Ads to Increase in New HIV Cases

A new University of Minnesota study that was published in MIS Quarterly links the introduction of Craigslist personal ads to a “15.9 percent increase in reported […]


The Worst Ways to Choose a Computer Password

My son Jake came home from college this weekend to watch the Super Bowl with us — I think because he likes my guacamole. The […]


Why Do Trolls Especially Hate Women?

If you’re a reasonably well-adjusted person, you probably don’t spend much time in the comments sections of local news stories — maybe not any time at […]


ESPN Unbundles from Cable. Can Comcast Compete?

One thing that’s kept cable from going the way of the music industry in recent years, observers agree, is this: Hulu, Netflix, and other mainstream […]


Pa. Supreme Court Cancels Justice McCaffery’s State-Provided Internet, Takes His Computers

There’s a lot about the temporary removal of Justice Seamus McCaffery from the court that almost makes you want to send pornographic emails at work. […]