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where to find free wifi in philadelphia
City Life

Here’s Where to Get Free Wi-Fi in Philly

I was recently sitting in my car in a parking spot next to Washington Square and found myself with the need to send some large […]

wisper internet service philadelphia
City Life

This New Antenna Is Bringing Cheap High-Speed Internet Into South Philly

If you’re like most people, you probably think there is a special place in hell for Comcast and Verizon, the two impenetrable monoliths with a […]


Here’s How Many Philadelphians Are Online With Comcast’s Internet Essentials Program

Comcast has now helped more than six million low-income Americans cross the digital divide through its Internet Essentials program, the company announced on Monday, connecting […]


It’s Time to Dump Facebook and Google, Says Philly Internet Privacy Guru

The #DeleteFacebook movement has some of us wondering whether Facebook will be around in five years. We turned our backs on MySpace, but can we […]


Philly, Comcast Is Boosting Internet Speeds This Month

Here’s something to celebrate: Comcast will increase internet speeds this month for most new and existing customers. And the boosts will come at no additional cost to residents […]


Why Comcast Is Putting $13M Down to Expand Philly’s Ethernet Again

Comcast Business wants practically every single enterprise in the region on its Ethernet network. The company announced on Friday that it is dropping another round […]


Comcast Just Rolled Out Internet Essentials to Peirce College Students

This week, Peirce College officially became the first Philadelphia-area higher education school to partner with Comcast on Internet Essentials. The school’s students, many of whom […]


Comcast Promised to Expand Philly’s Low-Cost Internet—But Now It’s Not Showing Proof

Last week, Comcast announced that 9,700 more families in Philadelphia have enrolled in Internet Essentials — the company’s low-cost service for low-income residents — since […]


Comcast Just Launched Gigabit Internet Service in Philly

Comcast customers in the Philadelphia region now have access to gigabit Internet service, the company announced on Monday. One-gigabit-per-second internet has been all the rage […]


Comcast to Roll out machineQ Network in 12 More Major Cities

The next step for Comcast’s machineQ network service is a big one. After conducting trials of the network last year in Philadelphia and San Francisco, and […]


Comcast’s New machineQ Tech Could Revolutionize Philly’s Smart City Effort

Since receiving a Readiness Challenge grant from the Smart Cities Council in February, Philadelphia has been abuzz with ideas on how to improve the city […]

City Life

Nordstrom Rack’s Roving Cashiers Are Exactly What We Want

C’mon, admit it: You hate people like I do, right? OK, maybe not hate hate — but the fewer of them around, the better. Well, here’s […]

Comcast Center

OPINION: The Real Reason Millennials Don’t Care About Internet Politics

When Congress passed a bill in March that condoned the sale of users’ browsing histories by their internet service providers, what struck me most about […]


Q&A: How Comcast May Still Sell Your Online Data Even Though It’s Promised Not To

Last month, Congress voted to repeal landmark online privacy rules written by the Obama administration. The rules, which were scheduled to take effect this year, […]


Comcast Says it Won’t Sell Your Web Browsing History

After Congress voted to repeal Obama-era FCC privacy protections last week, Comcast and other telecom companies have released lengthy statements to assure consumers that they’re […]