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mind over matter
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Old City’s New Barre and Yoga Fusion Class Will Test Your Mental Strength

It’s not quite a barre class, and it’s definitely not purely a yoga class. No, Mind Over Matter, the signature class at Old City’s new […]

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This Indoor Cycling and TRX Fusion Class Will Bring Out Your Competitive Side

The first time we tried BPM Fitness was on the very first day they opened their doors. The studio was launching their highly anticipated indoor […]

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Joining the Cult: An Exercise Novice Tries 3 of Philly’s Cult-Followed Fitness Studios

In the exercise realm, there’s lots of talk about the need for variety. But a certain sector of fitness studios seems to transcend this want, […]

City Life

I Tried It: Ax Throwing in Kensington

I signed the waiver at Urban Axes without reading it. The nondescript warehouse on a no-man’s-land block in Kensington didn’t give me pause, nor did […]

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I Worked Out With Cult-Followed SoulCycle Instructor Stacey Griffith

SoulCycle is often described as a cult. And not for no reason: Devotees to the indoor-cycling studio attend classes religiously, brand themselves in SoulCycle gear, […]


I Tried It: The Eyebrow Shaping Treatment That Costs $600

It’s very easy for most women to justify absurd beauty and fashion purchases. We practically have our master’s degrees in it. That stupidly expensive midi dress? “It can […]

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The Cruel (But Awesome) Way Solidcore Totally Tricks You 

Last Saturday, I found myself in a Solidcore class at 10:30 a.m. The studio, home to a popular Pilates-style workout done on a resistance-based machine, […]

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The Philly-Area Yoga Class That Won a Staunch Om-Hater Over

I hate yoga — hated, I should say. That opinion never bothered me because I thought I gave yoga a fair shake and it, like […]

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I Tried It: A 20-Year-Old Guy’s Very First Yoga Class

“Just relax your leg!” the doctor said with a smirk while shaking my suspended limb back and forth. “My leg is relaxed, it just refuses to […]

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This Is What It’s Like to Rappel from a 31-Story Building in Center City

To say I was given the opportunity of a lifetime yesterday is a bit of an understatement. And to say I wasn’t completely terrified about […]


Before & After: How Getting Bangs Completely Changed My Face

I’ve always considered myself to be someone down to experiment with hair, yet I wind up getting the same style every time. However, Shoppist has been putting […]


Why You Should Start Dry Brushing Your Body Every Morning

“Do you dry brush?” This was what my sister asked me the other day, as casually as one might ask whether or not you floss. My […]

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I Tried It: The 12-Minute Workout Science Says You’re Supposed to Enjoy

To say I enjoyed the 12 minutes I spent trying 10-20-30 training on Sunday morning like I would enjoy, say, a mimosa followed by a […]


I Tried It: One Stressed-Out, Overly Caffeinated Editor’s Acupuncture Journey

Fluttery. That’s the best way to describe it. Like a troop of misguided butterflies has taken up residence in the center of my chest, just beneath the […]

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Confession: I Was Totally Fooled by Lithe Method

Last week, as I was rushing to make it to my first-ever Lithe Method class, I realized that I’d not only forgotten my water bottle, […]