The Spa at the Four Seasons Has Organic Products and Views for Days

The Four Seasons spa gives Philadelphians a true luxury experience.

four seasons spa

The lounge at the Four Seasons spa.  / Photograph by Caroline Cunningham

I’m sitting in a chair, wrapped in an impossibly soft white bathrobe, feeling like I’m on top of the world. Which makes sense, because I kind of am on top of the world — or at least, on top of Philadelphia.

I’m currently on the 57th floor of the new Comcast Technology Center, the floor occupied by the Four Season Hotel’s spa and fitness center. Floor-to-ceiling windows look out over Philly, with the views stretching on for miles. It’s breathtaking.

To my left, there’s a beverage and snack station with fresh fruit and tea; to my right, a row of loungers stretch along the window, all facing the same magnificent view.

Loungers where clients can relax pre and post-treatments. / Photograph by Caroline Cunningham

four seasons spa

Snacks in the lounge. / Photograph by Caroline Cunningham

Look, Philly has some great spas. Some very elegant spas. Some fancy spas. But the Four Seasons spa is one of precious few places you can walk into in Philly and immediately get whacked with a feeling of, “Ohhh, this is fancy. I’m about to get pampered like some kind of royalty.

This effect is in part due to the view — which, by the way, extends to the treatment rooms. While most spa treatment rooms are windowless boxes, the Four Seasons placed their facial and massage rooms right up against the walls of glass. There are curtains, so you can opt for a darker, more private feel, but why not pretend you’re enjoying the view from your own private penthouse?

four seasons spa

The view from a treatment room. / Photograph by Caroline Cunningham

The fancy effect is also partly due to the fact that there are little reminders everywhere that this is a Very Nice Place. The foot soak bath is made of copper. There are 700 pounds of crystals embedded in the walls (you know this because the spa staff tells you this; you can’t actually see the crystals). The treatment tables are heated. The facials use products so organic, they’re practically edible. (One aesthetician tells me she knows of a woman who has used the spa’s May Lindstrom Skin products to season chicken. I do not recommend this.)

All this to say, sure, the Four Seasons is not the first place in Philly to offer great facials. It’s not the first to provide a luxury spa experience, either. But when it comes to treating yourself with something that’s indulgent and relaxing, why not make it as over-the-top as possible? And that’s exactly what the Four Seasons provides.

The luxe feel extends to the hotel’s infinity pool which, sorry, only guests of the hotel can access. Well, guests and those willing to fork over the dough for a private one-on-one session with the hotel’s on-staff trainers. While their 60-minute personal aqua cycling class (spin class, on a bike that uses the water for resistance) may cost $135 a pop, it, too, comes with some killer views.

four seasons spa

The pool at the Four Seasons. / Photograph by Caroline Cunningham

Ready to check it out for yourself? The Spa at the Four Seasons is now open on the 57th floor of the Comcast Technology Center, 1 N 19th Street. You can book your visit here.