After Jewell Williams Endorsement, Dem Party Chair Bob Brady Needs to Resign

There are times in politics when you can live with an unfavorable decision, and then there are those moments when you want to throw away […]


Excessive Drama Surrounding Petition Challenges Is a Turnoff for Voters

The nastiest phase of the Philly election cycle is finally over — and thank goodness it is. Tuesday was the last day for candidates running […]


City Commissioner Candidate: We Must Fight 2020 Vote Suppression Efforts

Voting rights advocate and attorney Kahlil Williams is one of 13 Democrats running in the highly contested two-seat race for city commissioner. We chat with […]


Democrats Who Filed to Run for City Council at Large: 34. Chance of Real Change: 0.

The most politically important Tuesday of the year apart from Election Day has just passed, and I’m pissed. Tuesday was the deadline for candidates to […]

congressional map

Wolf, Democratic Lawmakers Submit Congressional Map Proposals

Days after Gov. Tom Wolf rejected a congressional map submitted by Republicans in the wake of last month’s state Supreme Court gerrymandering decision, Democrats and […]

sheriff, sexual harassment

What Leading Philly Democrats Have to Say About the Jewell Williams Harassment Allegations

On Thursday, we asked six top Philly Democrats to comment on sexual harassment allegations against Sheriff Jewell Williams. The accusations come from three current and former employees: […]


There’s a Way to Get Republicans Out of City Hall Once and for All

In the past year, I’ve become less and less impressed with both major political parties. I was never a Republican: I’m too black, too gay, and […]


OPINION: Pa. Democrats, Quit Blaming Stop-and-Go Stores and Fault Yourselves

Welcome to Prohibition Philadelphia, 2017: the town where Democrats apparently still believe — almost 90 years after American gangster and black-market-liquor entrepreneur Al Capone did […]


OPINION: Crowded District Attorney Race Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

There is an adage that goes: “To speak without thinking is to shoot without aiming.” Someone should have told that to former federal prosecutor Joe […]


Can Kevin and Brendan Boyle Save the Democratic Party?

Brendan Boyle had only been on the campaign trail for a couple of months when his high-priced D.C. consultant told him he should quit. It […]

Donald Trump

Donald Trump Is the President America Deserves

Another day, another insult from president-elect Donald Trump. As you have no doubt heard, on the eve of MLK weekend Trump took to attacking the […]


Pa. Democrats Sue Trump Campaign, Republicans Over Alleged Voter Intimidation

The Pennsylvania Democratic Party has accused the Donald Trump campaign, the Republican Party of Pennsylvania, and Trump advisor Roger J. Stone of threatening to intimidate voters in […]


DNC Decision on 2016 Convention Expected Soon

Democrats will soon decide where to hold their 2016 presidential nominating convention, the Associated Press reports. It’s a $65 million undertaking, and party leaders say […]


Democrats Can’t Pick Gubernatorial Favorite

Gov. Tom Corbett is faring so badly in the polls that one line of thought is that Democrats just have to pick a candidate—any candidate—and […]

Democratic Boss Bob Brady

One of Us: Bob Brady

My name is … Bob Brady, or Robert A. Brady. The “A” stands for Alan. My father was Robert G. Brady, and he didn’t want […]