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a parking meter in Upper Darby that accepts pennies for quarters
City Life

In Rare Win for Drivers, Numerous Delco Parking Meters Think Pennies Are Quarters

Ah, the poor penny. People will stoop down to recover their quarters, dimes and nickels they’ve dropped on the floor. But the lowly penny? Not […]

lew blum towing
City Life

Lew Blum, the Tow-Truck King Philly Loves to Hate, Needs a Hug

Up until September 22, 2015, it was Lew Blum’s world; we just parked in it. From behind the steel-reinforced walls of his fortified bunker in […]

Philadelphia Wedding

This Car-Loving Couple Married in Philly’s Only Auto Museum — And Rode in on a Triumph Convertible

Growing up, Lauren Scola and her father bonded over a shared love of antique cars. So when it came time to wed Steve Wittmer this […]


Meet Flexdrive, Philly Region’s First Car Subscription Service

Philadelphians looking for more modern alternatives to car ownership may soon be in luck, thanks to burgeoning auto app Flexdrive. Think of Flexdrive as a […]


Philadelphia Scientific’s Owner Has a Bright Idea: Electric Roads

With the exception of Tesla, electric cars haven’t gotten very far with the American car-buying public — or manufacturers for that matter. One reason? Keeping […]

Pennsylvania sample license plate

PennDOT Is Eliminating License Plate Registration Stickers

Say goodbye to license plate registration stickers. Well, if you’re in Pennsylvania. PennDOT announced earlier this week it was eliminating registration stickers at the end […]


New Jersey Sues Pep Boys for Overcharging

The state of New Jersey is alleging foul play by two of the nation’s largest auto repair chains. Philadelphia-based Pep Boys and Virginia’s Advance Auto Parts […]


Philly Among Metros With the Biggest Drop in Car Commuters

The Philadelphia region is one of 15 large metropolitan areas in the country that saw the steepest declines in automobile commuters in recent years. About 80.5 percent of Philly workers traveled […]

This classic beauty was the first thing many visitors saw, sitting right by the registration tent.
Things to Do

PHOTOS: New Hope Auto Show Leaves the Top Down

V’room, v’room. It’s a late summer afternoon, with sunny skies and weather that’s just comfortable enough. People — children, teens, adults, seniors — are milling […]


One Way to Reduce Center City Traffic: Ban Private Cars

Dublin has one-third the population of Philly and is tucked within one-third of the square mileage. It’s comparably dense, but many times more congested. In the annual congestion rankings of […]

City Life

WATCH: What It’s Like to Drive an Ugly Yellow Hummer in Philly

If you drive a giant, appallingly ugly Hummer around Philadelphia, is it hard to sleep at night? Do all your neighbors hate you? Or is it heavenly because you can […]

City Life

Philly Hummer Owner Responds After Being Slammed By Neighbor in Anonymous Note

Friends. A photo posted by Doug DeMuro (@dougdemuro) on Apr 21, 2015 at 2:53pm PDT On Earth Day last week, we told you about the saga […]

City Life

Philly Hummer Owner Gets Blasted in Anonymous Note From Neighbor

Friends. A photo posted by Doug DeMuro (@dougdemuro) on Apr 21, 2015 at 2:53pm PDT Fair warning: If you own a hideous, environment-killing, yellow Hummer in […]


Philly Is One of the Most Car-Free Cities in the U.S.

Philadelphia is one of the most car-free cities in the country, according to an analysis by Governing of Census Bureau data. There were .968 vehicles per household […]


Gas Prices Went Up 10 Cents in Pa. on January 1st

Gas prices plummeted in 2014, but they’ve already gone up in Pennsylvania in the new year. That’s due to a rise in the gas tax […]