WATCH: What It’s Like to Drive an Ugly Yellow Hummer in Philly

Because you know you've always wanted to know.

Screen grab from Doug DeMuro's video

Screen grab from Doug DeMuro’s video

If you drive a giant, appallingly ugly Hummer around Philadelphia, is it hard to sleep at night? Do all your neighbors hate you? Or is it heavenly because you can soar over potholes without feeling a thing?

If you’ve ever asked yourself these questions, author Doug DeMuro, who writes for Jalopnik, has answers for you.

In the rousing video below, he details the pros (never worrying potholes, driving wherever you please) and cons (parking, parking, parking and driving through small streets) of driving a Hummer in Philly. He also wrote about the experience in this column.

And yes, in case you’re wondering, DeMuro is the same guy who got an angry anonymous letter about his Hummer from his neighbor that everyone had an opinion about.

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