Meet Flexdrive, Philly Region’s First Car Subscription Service

The auto app, which offers affordable vehicle rentals for a week or more, is co-owned by Mount Laurel's Holman Enterprises.

Photo via Twitter

Philadelphians looking for more modern alternatives to car ownership may soon be in luck, thanks to burgeoning auto app Flexdrive.

Think of Flexdrive as a sort of longer-term Zipcar. While the popular Zipcar and other car sharing services allow drivers to rent a vehicle for as little as an hour at a time, “subscription service” Flexdrive’s vehicles are available for a minimum of one week.

While this may seem more restrictive, this minimum rental window is part of what enables Fledrive to offer cars at a fraction of the price of what shorter-term services charge.

Another distinguishing factor is age – Zipcar’s prices are increased by the risk the company assumes by allowing anyone aged 21 and up to rent from them, while Flexdrive users must be 25.

Flexdrive’s least expensive vehicle available now, at their Cherry Hill location, is a Ford Fiesta at $149 a week. By contrast, one of Zipcar’s Honda Civics, parked around Philadelphia, would cost you about $591 for the same seven-day span. Beyond that, an active Flexdrive subscription can be stopped or suspended at any time and covers all fees other than gas (like insurance, maintenance, etc.).

Ownership of Flexdrive is split between two companies – Atlanta’s Cox Automotive and the Mount Laurel-based Holman Enterprises, which operates a series of dealerships across the country. Along with its new locations in New Jersey and Philadelphia, Flexdrive is also available in Atlanta and Austin.

“With Flexdrive, we are rewriting the rules of car ownership,” said president Jose Puente. “It is the new way to car, and fueled by the joint support of Cox Automotive and Holman Enterprises, we’ll be bringing this unique offering to more markets throughout the year.”

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