Philly Hummer Owner Responds After Being Slammed By Neighbor in Anonymous Note

He's got good news for his neighbor: He's moving.


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On Earth Day last week, we told you about the saga of a Philly Hummer owner being berated by his neighbor in an anonymous letter.

Author Doug DeMuro, who writes for Jalopnik, received a nasty note on his ugly, yellow Hummer parked outside of his home in Northern Liberties. It read, “This is not an appropriate parking spot for this huge vehicle. It blocks traffic, is an eye sore to the neighborhood and also blocks street vision. Please move it.”

DeMuro, in turn, called out the letter writer in a column, saying that, among other things, “The neighbor’s final complaint is that the Hummer blocks street vision. Unfortunately, this makes no sense: street vision is not a real thing, because the street does not have eyes. It is a street.”

Since then, we’ve talked to DeMuro — and he has good news for his Anony-neighbor.

“We are leaving Northern Liberties in a few months,” he writes via email, “so if he can just wait a little longer, he’ll never have to see it again.”

DeMuro says that he has not heard anything from his neighbor, good or bad, since he wrote about the note. What about from his readers?

“The reaction to the column has been mainly positive,” he says. “Even the garbage trucks get by without slowing down, so the Hummer doesn’t take up as much room as my angry neighbor seems to think. Ultimately, it is legally registered, inspected, etc., and it’s narrower than the giant van that also parks on my street every day, so the argument that it’s ‘too big’ is unfounded.”

He admits, though, “The argument that it’s ‘too ugly’ is sort of correct.”

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