PHOTOS: New Hope Auto Show Leaves the Top Down

The 58th annual exhibition was a fitting late-summer showcase of retro and modern convertibles.

V’room, v’room. It’s a late summer afternoon, with sunny skies and weather that’s just comfortable enough. People — children, teens, adults, seniors — are milling around the vast grounds of colonial New Hope-Solebury High School viewing hundreds of cars, most of which have one thing in common: their roofs are down. Folded. Out of sight. Some are even nonexistent. On Sunday, August 9th, the second day of the 58th installment of the New Hope Auto Show, the top was down on convertibles, the feature model of this year’s show.

Parked in the many parking spots of the high school complex were convertibles both old and very new, covering a range of sportiness and luxury. Audis, BMWs, and Porsches were on full display, and some were even for sale. The convertible selection also harkened back to the glory days, with light blue Chrysler Imperials and Lotus racecars. Drag-racers also made an appearance. High-performance cars were on display, too, namely a beautiful white McLaren with vertical doors.

The entire show took on a festival scene, with sponsors — including the Thompson family of car dealerships from nearby Doylestown — and local restaurants lining the sidewalks: local barbeque Bitter Bob’s — which sold pulled pork and chicken sandwiches — Philly Pretzel Co., and county fair lemonade, funnel cakes and hot dogs. Overall, the show proved an enjoyable time for families and car lovers alike.

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