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Be Well Philly

This New Book by a Local Psychotherapist Wants You to Explore Your Dark Side (For Good!)

In one of her lesser-known (but totally underrated) songs, “Dark Side,” Kelly Clarkson sings about a “place that I know / It’s not pretty there […]

City Life

Buzz Bissinger on Why He Refuses to Teach His Book Friday Night Lights at Penn

There are few men we could interview in this space who could talk about their Gucci leather addiction, winning a Pulitzer at the Inquirer, their […]

Life & Style

Mix the Perfect Cocktails for Your Favorite Albums With New Booze & Vinyl Book

Self-described children of a “low-fi household,” the Darlingtons have specialized more in nostalgia than prognostication. The local brother-and-sister authors Andre and Tenaya had already collaborated […]

City Life

New Book Reveals How Ben Franklin Stoked a Rivalry Between Boston and Philly

If our cover story on Ben Franklin whetted your historical appetite — and you enjoyed Ken Burns’s PBS documentary on the city’s fave founding father […]

City Life

New Book Celebrates What Makes Philly a “City of Homes”

The Center City District’s glossy February report on “Residential Resiliency” arrived with a loud cheer for what it calls “Greater Center City,” defined as stretching […]

Be Well Philly

This Philly Writer Was Super Burned Out, So She Took Two Years of “Radical Rest”

It’s no secret that much of the United States operates on full speed in practically every area of life. Americans work too much (leaving us […]

Be Well Philly

We Could All Benefit From a “Funtervention,” According to This Philly Author

In 2017, Philly writer Catherine Price was taking intentional, prolonged breaks from her phone as part of her research for her book, How to Break […]

Philadelphia bookstores
City Life

34 Philadelphia-Area Bookstores for When You Need a Really Good Read

Well, beloved Center City bookstore Joseph A. Fox is about to turn its last page. After an amazing 70-year run, the Sansom Street spot will […]

City Life

This Lavish New Book Explores Italy’s Legacy in Philly

This city’s Italian roots run deep, and a new book out from Temple University Press, The Italian Legacy in Philadelphia, does a thorough job of […]

Big East
City Life

A New Book Traces the Rocky, Riveting History of Big East Hoops

Just as college basketball season gets rolling, The Athletic sportswriter Dana O’Neil presents us with a new book, The Big East: Inside the Most Entertaining […]

Be Well Philly

6 Philadelphia Women on How Their Tattoos Help Them Cope with Trauma

People get tattoos for a variety of reasons: to honor a loved one, to represent part of their culture, to express themselves, to commemorate a […]

dark history of penn's woods
City Life

Witchcraft, Boiled Bones, and All the Other Creepy Things We Learned About PA History in This New Book

Just in time for Halloween, Haverford’s Brookline Books has published Dark History of Penn’s Woods, a new book with the catchy subtitle Murder, Madness, and […]

will smith, who is appearing at the Met in Philly in November
Things to Do

Will Smith to Make Rare Philly Appearance at The Met in November

Will Smith may be from Philadelphia, but he doesn’t exactly make a lot of appearances here, save for a Sixers game here and there over […]

harriett's bookshop owner jeannine cook, who has launched a gofundme to buy a permanent property for harriett's bookshop in fishtown
City Life

Harriett’s Bookshop Raises $75,000 in Three Days to Buy a Permanent Location in Fishtown

Last Saturday marked Independent Bookstore Day in the United States, so Harriett’s Bookshop owner Jeannine Cook decided it was the perfect time to launch an […]

dolly parton reading to kids as part of her dolly parton imagination library initiative
City Life

Dolly Parton Will Send Free Books to up to 2,000 Philly Kids Each Month

Dolly Parton is having a moment. A rather extended one, in fact. More than 54 years after she released her first album, the music icon […]