Six Signs It’s Tech Week

Philly Tech Week is back (April 28-May 6), promising fun events, hands-on workshops and rare access to some of this city’s most interesting hives innovation (and […]


Wawa Now Offers Mobile App Ordering (With a Couple of Small Catches)

I finally found a reason to live in the suburbs. Starting on Wednesday, Wawa began offering the option of ordering straight from the Wawa app […]

Be Well Philly

New Philly-Based Fitness App Makes Incentivizing Workouts Its Mission

A workout without added incentive — you know, aside from the endorphin rush — is a workout many people probably (definitely) won’t end up doing. So […]


Photos: Philly Is Apparently Really, Really Good for Pokémon Go

Caught this tangela trying to enjoy the sunset at #bokbar @ScoutLimited #PokemonGO — PHL Food Adventures (@PhlFoodGuide) July 11, 2016 Pokémon Go, the app that […]

Be Well Philly

The Checkup: Why You Sometimes Jerk Awake Right As You’re Falling Asleep

• You know when you’re dozing off and suddenly, you find yourself with your eyes wide open, feeling like you just fell off of a […]


Philly Entrepreneur Wants to Change the Way You Watch Concerts

Playing on your phone while you’re at a concert? That’s fine by Brad Denenberg. In fact, he’s banking on it. Denenberg just launched a new app […]


Poncho Personalized Weather Alerts Come to Philadelphia

Bye, Sheena Parveen. Hello … Poncho? Philadelphians may no longer need to watch the morning and evening newscasts for the weather report. Nor, for that matter, check […]


World Meeting of Families Announces Film Festival, Mobile App

The World Meeting of Families is really embracing the culture Philadelphia has to offer. In a press release today issued by the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, […]


We Live in Amazing Times: In NYC, “Looie” Offers Access to Pristine Bathrooms … for $25 a Month

Ever since the City Toilet on the north end of Dilworth Plaza died a quiet death in 2007, Philadelphians have been on their own when […]


Uber Launched its Own Video Game

So, Uber just launched a new video game. Seriously. But it’s not just meant to be a good time — it’s meant to recruit new […]


Philly-Area Developer Bets Big on Apple Watch

Will the Apple Watch be a game-changing success or a grand flop? Is it the next yo-yo or the next Arch Deluxe? Det Ansinn is betting […]


Rewards App Wars: Wawa vs. 7-Eleven

Wawa and 7-Eleven seem like polar opposites when it comes to customer loyalty and brand power. In one corner is Wawa, beloved by Philadelphians for […]


Buy This App and Never Talk to Your Child Again!

When I wrote a few years back about the precipitous drop-off in the number of young men getting driver’s licenses, Uber was just beginning to […]


This App Tells You Exactly What Characters Are Wearing On Your Fave TV Shows

There’s no denying it: TV fashion is freakin’ good right now. Claire Underwood looks first-lady-worthy in smoky blue Ralph Lauren gowns and Olivia Pope dons glorious […]


Cool New App to Explore City’s Budget

The City of Philadelphia launched a really very cool new app today that makes it far, far easier to explore the city’s budget. It’s called […]