The Checkup: Why You Sometimes Jerk Awake Right As You’re Falling Asleep

And more reads to shake you awake this Monday morning.



• You know when you’re dozing off and suddenly, you find yourself with your eyes wide open, feeling like you just fell off of a cliff? Well, there’s a term for that: It’s called a hypnic jerk or a sleep start and happens to just about everyone. [The Cut]

• There is nothing worse than waking up and realizing — before you’ve even had your coffee! — that buttoning your pants hurts. Bloat, man. To avoid this unpleasant realization, take note of this clinical herbalist’s suggestions for the best foods to add to your diet to get rid of bloat forever. [Well + Good]

• Turns out there’s an equation to find out exactly how much water you actually need to drink each day. Of course, finding out requires some legwork — you have to work up a thirst somehow! [TIME]

• Having trouble getting into the more fast-paced swing of fall life? These five re-booting apps, which tackle everything from diet to fitness to budget, should help. [Fast Company]

• Something we all need: This desk-bed hybrid. Midday naps, here we come! [Huffington Post]

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