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World Meeting of Families Announces Film Festival, Mobile App

The World Meeting of Families is really embracing the culture Philadelphia has to offer. In a press release today issued by the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, […]


We Live in Amazing Times: In NYC, “Looie” Offers Access to Pristine Bathrooms … for $25 a Month

Ever since the City Toilet on the north end of Dilworth Plaza died a quiet death in 2007, Philadelphians have been on their own when […]

City Life

Here Are the 3 Best Philly Bike Share Apps

Philadelphia is in love with its new bike share program. There have been more than 100,000 rides here since Indego launched in April, and we reached that milestone faster than […]


Valet Park Anywhere in Philly with New App

Parking in Philadelphia is notoriously bad. Good luck finding a public space during peek times, parking lots are expensive and often crowded, and the Philadelphia […]


Uber Launched its Own Video Game

So, Uber just launched a new video game. Seriously. But it’s not just meant to be a good time — it’s meant to recruit new […]


This App Will Tell You All the Promo Codes That Apply to Your Order

Confession: I never purchase anything online without Googling ‘[Insert store name] promo codes’ beforehand. With e-tailers constantly doling out percentages off and free gifts with purchase, […]


Philly-Area Developer Bets Big on Apple Watch

Will the Apple Watch be a game-changing success or a grand flop? Is it the next yo-yo or the next Arch Deluxe? Det Ansinn is betting […]


Rewards App Wars: Wawa vs. 7-Eleven

Wawa and 7-Eleven seem like polar opposites when it comes to customer loyalty and brand power. In one corner is Wawa, beloved by Philadelphians for […]

City Life

Buy This App and Never Talk to Your Child Again!

When I wrote a few years back about the precipitous drop-off in the number of young men getting driver’s licenses, Uber was just beginning to […]


This App Tells You Exactly What Characters Are Wearing On Your Fave TV Shows

There’s no denying it: TV fashion is freakin’ good right now. Claire Underwood looks first-lady-worthy in smoky blue Ralph Lauren gowns and Olivia Pope dons glorious […]


Cool New App to Explore City’s Budget

The City of Philadelphia launched a really very cool new app today that makes it far, far easier to explore the city’s budget. It’s called […]

Things to Do

5 iPhone Apps to Keep You Entertained On Your Snow Day

Doctors are warning smart phone users that they may develop a syndrome called “text neck” due to constantly playing games and checking email on iPhones […]

City Life

Drexel Student Gets Shark Tank Deal for Scholly App

On the latest episode of ABC show Shark Tank, a Drexel student walked away with a deal for his Scholly app, which is supposed to […]

Be Well Philly

The Checkup: 10 Time-Saving Apps That Will Make Your Week Way Easier

• If you already feel like you can’t keep track of everything you have to do this week, not to fear: These 10 time-saving organizational […]


Comcast’s New App Will Tell You When Tech Is Coming

Comcast has always had customer service issues — this is putting it lightly — but never has it been easier to share stories of bad […]