5 iPhone Apps to Keep You Entertained On Your Snow Day

Via Shutterstock.


Doctors are warning smart phone users that they may develop a syndrome called “text neck” due to constantly playing games and checking email on iPhones and other devices. Well, if that’s the case, this is clearly not what the doctor ordered. Here are five really outstanding apps that can keep you entertained long into any winter storm. Just make sure that you do a little yoga in-between using each one so your neck stays happy.

1. My Talking Pet: Yes, this one is utterly campy, but I’ve got countless friends hooked on it. The premise is simple enough: you take pictures of animals (or inanimate objects) and the app will let you add voice and animation to make really hysterical little videos that you can post to Facebook or send to your buddies. The options are endless, but this one below might be my favorite result that I’ve found on YouTube (warning: there’s some language here):


2. DuolingoYou might as well learn something while stuck in the snow, right? Duolingo is the totally free language immersion system that allows users to pick up a second language through a series of drills, games, and exercises. I am taking the French course right now and I honestly can’t believe how much I’ve learned so quickly. There’s also a desktop site for extra practice. Bonjour!

3. Conversation StartersAuthor and motivational guru Danielle LaPorte launched this gorgeous app several months ago and it went right to the top of the App Store charts. Flip through a series of cards that ask really thought-provoking questions that are great to answer on your own or with whomever you’re stuck in the house. (Example: “What was the conversation around feelings and emotions like in the house you grew up in?,” “Who would you love to get approval or recognition from? Why?”). You might learn something about yourself in the process.

4. A Beautiful MessThis is my go-to app to edit pictures, create collages, and make cool smash-ups of photos, but it isn’t your typical meme creator. This fun, witty, and downright silly app adds a touch of artistic flair to the process, including a library of dozens of fonts, graphics, and colors that you can add to your pictures. While you’re on a snow selfie binge, try filtering your shots through this app. You won’t be disappointed.

5. The Price is Right DecadesNo list of this sort is complete without a game, and this version of The Price is Right franchise is my favorite. You’ll be playing pricing games from the ’70s, when the show first started, to today. The catch? You have to think like you are from the decade that you are playing in, so the prices fluctuate from episode to episode. It’s hours of fun and lots of Plinko for everyone. Come on down!