Philly Man Sues Amazon Over Exploding iPhone Charger

I carry one of those portable iPhone chargers around with me a lot, but now that I’ve read Julian Bradley‘s lawsuit, I’ll be sure not […]


Philly.Com Has a New Mobile App, and It’s Not Bad

Philadelphia Media Network’s Philly.com isn’t known for having the prettiest news website in the world. But it just soft-launched a brand-new 2.0 version of its iPhone mobile […]

Philly emojis

There Are Now Philadelphia-Specific Emojis

About a year and a half ago, we wrote a wish list for Philadelphia-specific emojis. And, well, our prayers have finally been answered: Today, Visit […]


I Was in No Hurry to Open My New iPhone

About four years ago, my husband started telling me I could get a free iPhone whenever I wanted to. A couple of weeks ago, I […]


Quick, Update Your iPhone: Gay Emojis Have Arrived!

The latest update on your iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, etc … ) contains the LGBT emojis we’ve been waiting for! You can now access cute […]


5 iPhone Apps to Keep You Entertained On Your Snow Day

Doctors are warning smart phone users that they may develop a syndrome called “text neck” due to constantly playing games and checking email on iPhones […]


Police Tasered Man After Main Line Apple Store Ran Out of iPhone 6

A typical Saturday morning at the upmarket Suburban Square shopping center just outside of Philadelphia sees well-heeled suburbanites sipping Starbucks Pumpkin Skim Lattes while shopping […]


PHOTO: 13 People Already Lined Up Outside the Apple Store for New iPhones

The latest and greatest iPhone goes on sale tomorrow, and people are excited. It’s a new Apple product! Even if it were a really stupid […]


Apple (Yawn) Launched a New iPhone and a Watch Yesterday

I find it difficult to get excited about new consumer technology these days. It may be a sign that I’m getting older or cheaper, or […]


Secret Is Seriously the Most Dangerous App In The World. Delete It.

It didn’t take long after I downloaded Secret, the new app that allows users to write anonymous postings about others and share them with a network of […]


New Steve Powers Emojis Available from Hi-Art App

You’ve seen his Love Letter murals all over town, but now you can spice up your texts with some digital art by Steve Powers. The Philly […]


Get Off My Phone? Get Off My Ass!

A few years ago, after receiving some bad directions from a man with a cool accent, I found myself embarrassingly lost in New Orleans’ French […]


Philly Native Starts Lesbian Dating App Wing Ma’am

Philesbian has the scoop on a new lesbian dating app created by Philly native Ariella Furman. The hilariously named Wing Ma’am started a month ago and […]


Gluten Free Philly Releases an App

The web site Gluten Free Philly has just announced an app for Apple iPhones and iPads. The $2.99 app provides an easy-to-use guide to dining […]


Take Your New iPhone and Shove It

Smart phones are stupid. There, I said it. I feel better already. With the quiet efficiency of killer drones, smart phones have destroyed any remnants […]