New Steve Powers Emojis Available from Hi-Art App

You’ve seen his Love Letter murals all over town, but now you can spice up your texts with some digital art by Steve Powers. The Philly muralist now has a line of emojis available for your texting pleasure. The fun icons are available via the Hi-Art app, a free download for iPhone that aims to infuse art into everyday conversation.

Rory Ahearn, a representative for Hi-Art, says the app “was founded by Nico Dios who was part of New York City’s culture-shifting graffiti IRAK. … Along with a slew of free emojis [the app] also comes with packs done by artists/musicians that fans can purchase for a modest amount.”

You can download the app via the iTunes store by clicking here, and you can get updates from Hi-Art by following them on Twitter @HiArtApp. Below I have a teaser preview of some of the Powers emojis that you can grab as soon as you install the app on your phone. None of them are quite as Philly-specific as we would have hoped, but a little local flavor, nonetheless.