Police Tasered Man After Main Line Apple Store Ran Out of iPhone 6

But, really, you could just wait a month.

From Left: Chang Liu (tasered), Bi Liu, and Lian Zheng.

From Left: Chang Liu (tasered), Bi Liu, and Lian Zheng.

A typical Saturday morning at the upmarket Suburban Square shopping center just outside of Philadelphia sees well-heeled suburbanites sipping Starbucks Pumpkin Skim Lattes while shopping at J. Crew, Trader Joe’s, and Lilly Pulitzer in the most civilized of manners. It is never the scene of melees, brouhahas or ruckuses. But this past Saturday was anything but typical.

On Saturday morning, just one day after Apple officially launched its new iPhone 6 to thunderous applause — or at least crazed consumerism — the Apple Store in Suburban Square was slammed with frenzied customers clamoring to get their hands on the twinkly new device.

But shortly after the store opened on Saturday morning, the staff announced that it had sold out of all of its iPhone 6 stock.

A group of people in the store became outraged when they heard the news, and when Apple Store employees asked the rowdy bunch to leave, they refused.

At 10:27 a.m., Lower Merion Police were dispatched to the scene.

“Officers encountered a group of customers that were agitated because the store ran out of the new iPhones,” reports Lower Merion Police Department spokesperson Tom Walsh.

Among them was 33-year-old Chang Liu, who still refused to leave even after the cops showed up. Liu, who hails from 10th Street in Philadelphia, was arrested and charged with defiant trespass, resisting arrest and related charges. And when cops placed Liu in the back seat of a patrol car, he began kicking out the rear window, say police. So the police shot him with a taser gun.

Also arrested were 55-year-old Bi Liu, also of 10th Street, and 52-year old Lian Zheng from Franklin Street in Philadelphia, both of whom were charged with defiant trespass, among other charges. Bail for all three men was set at $5,000.

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