This App Tells You Exactly What Characters Are Wearing On Your Fave TV Shows

How to shop Claire Underwood and Olivia Pope's closets.


Images via Spylight Solutions LLC

There’s no denying it: TV fashion is freakin’ good right now. Claire Underwood looks first-lady-worthy in smoky blue Ralph Lauren gowns and Olivia Pope dons glorious capes and perfectly tailored suits. Hell, even the teens on Pretty Little Liars are rocking envy-inducing outfits. But, as everyone knows, costume wardrobes are culled far in advance and, with the exception of the Scandal‘s The Limited collab, it can be tricky to nab these looks once they’re splashed across the screen.

Enter: Spylight, a Shazam-esque app for zeroing in on your favorite looks from popular TV shows and films. Yep, that means Alicia Florrick’s cashmere shawl from last Sunday’s episode of The Good Wife can be yours in just a few clicks.

Simply download the app (it’s free!), tap the screen, and the app uses audio sync technology to correctly identify the show or movie (see where the Shazam comparison comes in?). Scroll through the looks from the episode, select the exact item (or a cheaper alternative, which the app provides), and buy it as you would any other online purchase. If you choose not to audio sync, you can scroll through the dozens of  shows and movies to purchase items. (Warning: this gets scary addictive.) You’ll have a TV-worthy wardrobe in no time.