Photos: Philly Is Apparently Really, Really Good for Pokémon Go

Wawa? Rittenhouse? Bok Bar? Pokémon are lurking everywhere.

Pokémon Go, the app that actually forces its users to wander into the world in order to catch ’em all, has beaten Tinder as the No. 1 most-downloaded App on iTunes.

And according to data from SimilarWeb, the augmented-reality smartphone game could soon surpass Twitter in daily active users. That’s saying something.

People all over the world are caught up in a mad Pokémon frenzy, and now they’re wandering throughout the city as if it actually is the safe little world projected on their screen.

Which, evidently, it’s not. ICYMI, a woman found a dead body in Wyoming while trying to capture a Pokémon. Users all over the world are tripping and hurting themselves on their journeys to become Pokémon masters because they’re keeping their eyes glued to their phone screens while wandering to find the nearest Pokémon or Pokégym that, because of the app’s ability to work with phone cameras, appears to exist in a user’s surroundings.

But here in Philly, things actually seem to be going well so far. According to a surprising number of Twitter users, Philly is the place to be if you’re looking to follow your phone around in search of virtually useless virtual creatures.

Pokémon trainees have been finding Pokémon in the places they know and love – or, in some cases, the places they don’t know at all, where they’re just starting to venture.

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