The Checkup: Slimmed-Down Drink Swaps That Cut Major Calories

And more healthy reads to start your day.



• Cocktails and sweetened coffee drinks are known for being loaded with empty calories, but they are involved in so many social gatherings that we can’t (and certainly don’t want to) completely avoid them. But what we can do is opt for sips we can feel better about. That’s where these smart swaps come in: For one, instead of your usual morning chai latte, you can add a little milk and sugar to a brewed chai tea to save a whopping — wait for it — 135 calories. [Women’s Health]

• The newest superfood trend on the horizon is just as nutritious and versatile as kale, only less bitter: we’re talkin’ broccoli leaves, people. [Fast Company]

• These apps will help you combat the three main health obstacles of an office job: eye strain, bad posture, and lack of physical activity. [Entrepreneur]

• Ever wonder what “free range” really means? “Local”? “Hormone free”? This handy list removes the mystery behind these and more common food buzzwords. [POPSUGAR Fitness]

• Because some of us will never not need new exercise inspiration: these ten fitness Instagrammers are guaranteed to motivate you to get moving. [Daily Mail]

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