harvey cedars bayside contemporary house for sale
For Sale/Rent

Just Listed: Bayside Contemporary in Harvey Cedars

Want a quieter Jersey Shore experience in a house that stands out from the crowd? Here you go.

packer park mcmansion for sale
For Sale/Rent

Just Listed: Italianate McMansion in Packer Park

virtual house hunting merion station colonial
Real Estate Biz

‘We Bought Our House Without Ever Seeing It’

gladwyne riverside house for sale exterior front
For Sale/Rent

Just Listed: Riverside Retreat in Gladwyne

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For Sale/Rent

Trinity Tuesday: The Luxury Edition

It’s not often that a trinity can get away with an asking price of almost a million dollars. After all, most trinities have the square […]

A charming home in Swarthmore at 611 Strath Haven Ave.
Neighborhood News

Why Buy in Swarthmore? We’ll Give You 5 Good Reasons.

NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH: Why buy in Swarthmore? Looking to relive those wonderful college years? Consider moving to the charming borough of Swarthmore, located in Delaware County. […]

Neighborhood News

Which Is Safer: A Neighborhood With Tree Cover or Without?

Walking home late at night, people often avoid walking under trees because that’s where it’s dark. If we can’t be seen, we’re more vulnerable–or that’s […]

For Sale/Rent

Mystery Real Estate: Andorra House With a Secret Zen Room

From the outside, this five-bedroom home in Andorra looks rather normal. The front seems like a regular home. In back there’s a pool, a deck […]

frank rizzo mural
Neighborhood News

The Daily News’ Helen Ubinas Asks: Is It Time Rename the Italian Market?

The enormous Ninth Street mural of Frank Rizzo is like the Mona Lisa of Philadelphia: that inscrutable expression stares at passersby–many of whom probably don’t […]

Spacious Bryn Mawr estate at 1131 Green Valley Road.
For Sale/Rent

Spacious Bryn Mawr Estate Fit for a World Leader

SPOTLIGHT LISTING: Spacious Bryn Mawr Estate If you’ve  been to the French prime minister’s retreat (and really, who hasn’t?), you may recognize La Lanterne, this […]

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For Sale/Rent

For Sale/Rent

sedgewick theater in mt. airy
For Sale/Rent

Would-Be Mt. Airy Home Buyers Get Creative

Like everywhere else in Philadelphia, the housing inventory in Mt. Airy is low. So prospective buyers are trying different ways to approach the market.

frankford hall
Neighborhood News

Hottest Philadelphia Neighborhoods: Fishtown/Kensington

This month’s Philadelphia Magazine Real Estate issue is devoted the Hottest Philadelphia Neighborhoods–both in the city and in the ’burbs. No. 2 on the city […]

hotello portable hotel
Architecture & Design

Property’s Morning Obsession: The Adaptive Reuse Portable Hotel Room

Can’t find a hotel room in New York’s theater district for less than $400 per weekend night? Sorry, we can’t help with that. This hotel […]

carl dranoff
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Property Profiles: Developer Carl Dranoff

Property Profiles is a series highlighting the people who have defined the Greater Philadelphia area and continue to chart its future–from established developers with numerous […]

Inspiration for you kitchen remodel at 95 Brownsburg Road in New Ho
Architecture & Design

Getting Started on Your Kitchen Remodel: It’s as Easy as 1-2-3

INTERIORS: Getting Started on Your Kitchen Remodel If you find yourself cursing your kitchen counters and running out of cabinet space, you might be ready […]

For Sale/Rent

For Sale/Rent

New Projects

Property Photographer Laura Kicey: Lost & Found

Interior design and architecture photographer Laura Kicey, who is Property’s staff image-maker, not only has a show opening this weekend at Gravy Studio, but her […]

For Sale/Rent

Rental Ads Targeted to Desperate Postadolescent Males Really Work

The Post Bros. development and property management company is best known these days for a winning battle against the building trades union, which tried to […]

callowhill ugly second empire building
Architecture & Design

Online Curator Calls Philly Building “Repulsive,” “Architectural Turd”

When we say “online curator,” we don’t mean “web editor,” though that’s the thing to put on your resume these days if you’re a journalist […]

For Sale/Rent

Very Cool AVI Map Tool With Patriotic Colors and Your Address

As always, we must remind you that there are no solid numbers yet, we don’t know the tax rate, nothing is resolved, and this is […]

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