Philly Is One of the 10 Best Cities for Twentysomethings

best-city-twentysomethingsPhiladelphia may rank No. 2 in cities plagued by bedbugs, but it’s also No. 10 on a new list of “20 Best Cities for Twentysomethings.” The team at was looking, they said, “for ultra-cool spots where young adults could find jobs they love, unwind at happy hours, join sports leagues, and make new pals.” Other criteria:



      Park space


      Efficient transit systems


      Ethnic and cultural diversity



Yet the writeup is more than a little odd:

This city, deeply rooted in jazz and once the United States capital, is also home to the first public zoo in the U.S., the Philadelphia Zoo (Benny Franklin founded it).

I was previously unaware of the impact historical zoos have on quality of life. (Also: “Benny”?)

Via Philly Post