While You Were Recovering from Thanksgiving, Gritty Was Crashing a Wedding

It was only a matter of time.

Gritty wedding crash

Gritty crashing a wedding like only Gritty can. | Photo by Twitter user @das_stepha

Here’s a statement that’s pretty much not up for debate: Gritty is the most coveted wedding guest in Philly right now. Between teaching us how to wrap presents and nominating himself for Time magazine’s Person of the Year, we were thinking his busy schedule would leave very little room for private appearances, but that is not the case. Gritty needs no days off, not even the Friday night after Thanksgiving, which he made clear by crashing one very lucky Philly couple’s wedding that night.

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Since Cescaphe is one of the most truly Philly success stories out there, it’s actually kind of perfect that Gritty made his wedding debut at a Cescaphe wedding. No, it wasn’t at Cescaphe’s newest spot, the Lucy, but at Cescaphe Ballroom, their flagship venue.

Here’s Gritty breaking it down with the bride to “Happy” by Pharrell:


And here he his continuing to dominate the dance floor:


Gritty chilling at the sweetheart table:

Making his grand debut:

Here’s Gritty posing with guest Mary Wagner, who made the whole moment go viral in the first place:

And here’s a few more dance floor photos, just for good measure:

We hope this is the first of many wedding appearances for our beloved orange oddball. The Gritty wedding cake is great and all, but nothing beats the real thing.

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