A Guide to Social Media at Your Wedding



There is much talk these days about social media usage and weddings—and on both sides of the topic. Some people would rather no pictures be posted of their celebration until it’s all said and done and they can be in charge of what gets released into the world. Some couples want you to post about their day from the second it begins until you’re home stuffing pizza in your face at 2am. Some wish for their guests to keep their phones away during the ceremony—but then plaster their hashtag all over their reception and welcome you posting about the party. It’s up to the couple how they want social media used or not used at their wedding, and we have a feeling it’s a subject that isn’t going away any time soon.

We’ve explored both sides of it before—and we’ll repost those blogs below, in case you’re still trying to decide how you feel about it when it comes to your Big Day—but if you know you want your guests to share their snaps and experiences for you and all to see, we thought this was a really helpful guide to getting the most out of social media with your wedding. It covers choosing your hashtag and spreading it around; the various affects of having your wedding on social media (people realizing they weren’t invited, etc.); farming out the management of posts to a designated person (bridesmaid or professional—yes, professional); what to do with all these great pictures that live on Instagram after your celebration; going viral; and the various platforms (obv, Instagram is the best).

How are you handling social media at your wedding? Are you all in, all out, or a combo?

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