This Fun New Web Tool Creates Your Wedding Hashtag For You!

Let WeddingWire's hashtag generator figure out what your wedding hashtag should be.

Let WeddingWire’s hashtag generator figure out what your wedding hashtag should be.

We have many times here lauded the benefits of creating a wedding hashtag, so that if you are indeed encouraging your guests to post photos to social media (particularly Instagram) from your wedding and wedding events, you’re able to see them all in one little happy organized place.

It’s the easiest tool ever, yes—to use—but coming up with the right hashtag is another story. You want it to be clear and functional and never used before, but also cute, clever, and ideally, funny, and this can result in millions of brainstorm texts with friends, hours of throwing duds out there, and many glasses of wine. (Er, or, so I’ve heard. )

That’s why we have been spending quite a good bit of time this morning playing around with the Internet’s new wedding hashtag generator: You just type in all your information—including nicknames and the when and where—and boom, it suggests a ton of different options. (Like, you will literally sit there hitting refresh for the next 20 minutes.) The hashtags it generates aren’t overly personal, but there are definitely some fun ones in there that, even if you don’t directly use, will definitely help get your cute, clever and funny thoughts going.

Oh, and one tip for you: Seeing how they used “Philadelphia,” I would suggest typing in “Philly” instead for the city where you’re having your wedding, as that seems to work better for hashtag purposes. Have fun!

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