4 Expert Tips for Creating a Custom Wedding Hashtag



Ever since social media basically took over the world, there’s been talk about the role that it should, or shouldn’t, play in the biggest day of your life. The pros and cons of documenting your wedding on Facebook and Instagram have been debated on multiple occasions, and we here at PW have our own opinions about how to handle the whole social media situation (hint: it’s always up to the couple to decide what they do and don’t want posted online).

For couples who are totally onboard with sharing their Big Day on social media, there are plenty of ways to make posting photos a part of the affair. Whether you have your guests download an app that gathers everyone’s photos into one spot, or you have them post their snapshots on Instagram (after reading these tips, of course), social media can be a fun, interactive aspect of your wedding.

Should you decide to go with the aforementioned Instagram option, it would be wise of you to create a custom wedding hashtag for your guests to use, that way you can easily look back on all of the photos afterwards. These tips for choosing a wedding hashtag offer great advice that’ll help you put together the perfect phrase—just don’t forget to spread the word to your guests!

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