6 Tips for Having a Social Media-Free Wedding Without Annoying Your Guests


If you don’t want your wedding guests to look like this, see below. Photo via Shutterstock

With the extreme and all-encompassing grasp that social media has on our lives these days, by this point there’s no doubt you have heard of or even been to weddings that are strongly on one side of the fence or another: couples who very much want you to Instagram and Facebook their wedding and all that jazz, and even give you the hashtag you should use to do so—and then there are couples who very much do not want you to have your face in your cell phone during their celebration or share their wedding-day business on social media. We’ve heard of couples who even wish to check their guests’ cell phones at the door, but unless you are Beyonce, we’ve already told you how we feel about that.

And because not wanting your guests to be all up in social media during your wedding is totally okay, but confiscating their phones is not, we thought that these guidelines for having an “unplugged” wedding from etiquette expert Anna Post were really great. They outline what it is cool and not cool to ask of your guests, and some tips for doing it efficiently without rubbing anyone the wrong way.

Any of you thinking of asking your guests to keep images and such of your wedding off of social media during the event?

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