PW Reader Ring: Jackie & Frank!

Jackie's ring!

Jackie’s ring!

The couple: Jackie Baik and Frank Kemp, from Philadelphia.

The ring: My ring is a radiant-cut diamond set with two trillion cut side stones on a gold band with a white-gold setting. I had a picture of a ring that I loved on my phone, and my best friend Kerri sent it to Frank, titling the picture “Your Future.”

So when it came down to getting the ring, Frank took Kerri’s husband Henry to go ring shopping with him, because he know that Kerri would give away the surprise! He worked with Joe from Barsky Diamonds who saw two lost looking guys walking on Jewelers’ Row and figured they needed some help!

The proposal: I was diagnosed with breast cancer last year, about six months into our relationship. We had a long conversation about the future where I gave him an “out,” but Frank stood by me through my entire treatment and said that one crappy year was worth a lifetime together. We always knew that marriage was in the future but I was in no rush as I was just happy to be together and cancer free!

We planned a trip to Italy in September for Frank’s 30th birthday and on our first night, we drove to one of our favorite wine regions, Barbaresco. We had dinner overlooking a gorgeous vineyard and talked about how excited we were to have a lifetime of travel and adventure in front of us. There in the middle of a crowded restaurant, Frank got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I sat there shocked, with tears rolling down my eyes, unable to speak. After what seemed like an eternity, he finally looks at me and says “Okay … you have to say ‘Yes’!” Obviously, I said yes and we spent the next 10 days eating and drinking our way through Northern Italy to celebrate.

The band: I am working with Joe at Barsky to create a yellow-gold pronged diamond band with a curvature to stack snugly underneath the ring. They have been so great to work with am so excited to see the custom design come to life!

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