Show Us Your Bling! Send Your Engagement Ring Pics to Philadelphia Wedding

Introducing PW Reader Rings.

Show us your ring selfie! @LAURENCONRAD/INSTAGRAM

Show us your ring selfie! @LAURENCONRAD/INSTAGRAM

Hey, brides-to-be! You know that gorg rock balancing on your left ring finger as you read this post? Look down at it. We want to see what you see!

We’re starting a new series here on the blog at PW, and we want to see your engagement ring!

Well, and not just that. We want to hear about your proposal, too—that’s how you ended up with that bling, after all—and a little bit about the ring itself. He did a good job getting it; it symbolizes the new life you guys are about to enter into; it’s the thing reminding you, day in, day out, why you’re doing all this wedding planning, and we think it deserves to be shared and celebrated, not just among your family and friends, but in our little online Philly bridal community.

So, let’s do it like this—send in …

  • Your name and your fiance’s name, and where you’re from.
  • Your ring selfie! We love Lauren Conrad’s, pictured here.
  • The ring: Tell us a little bit about your engagement ring itself. What metal and stone(s) is it made of? Did he pick it out or design it all on his own? Had you gone shopping together? Had you left ring advertisements not-so-subltly laying all over the house? Did you fully pick it out? Help pay for it? Is the stone or the setting or the entire thing an heirloom from either one of your families? If it’s from a local jeweler, definitely tell us that, too! We want all the deets.
  • The proposal: How did he do it? Did you know it was coming? Or were you completely caught off guard? We want to hear the whole story. And again, too, include any local details—especially if it happened in public.
  • The band: Do you have any idea what kind of wedding band you want to get to go with it? This might be a great place to crowd-source for suggestions if you’re not sure whether to go with, say, a plain band, a sparkly band—or hey, maybe one on either side.

You can email this to me, Carrie Denny, at, with the subject line “PW Reader Ring!” Any questions? Hit me up at the same place or right here in the comments.

Let’s get blinging!

{Note: Posts will be published in the bride’s first person but may be edited for clarity and length.} 

Also: Submit your engagement announcement to our website, and you could be featured in the next issue of Philadelphia magazine! You will also be entered to win your bridal bouquet from Philly event design company Eventricity.

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