Today’s Friendly Wedding PSA: Please Do Not Propose at Someone Else’s Wedding

Image via Imgur.

Image via Imgur.

Maybe it’s just us—you know, because we work in the wedding industry—but we thought it was pretty common knowledge that the absolute worst place for someone to pop the question is at someone else’s wedding. Stealing the thunder away from a bride and groom on their Big Day is never a smart move, and upstaging them with a proposal (and therefore making the day about another couple entirely) is the ultimate no-no. (But you knew that already, right? Right?)

We’re bringing you this friendly PSA today because of a photo that’s recently gone viral: An Iowa man got down on one knee and proposed to his girlfriend right in front of the sweetheart table at another couple’s wedding. Now, the bride happens to be the girlfriend’s sister and was supposedly the mastermind behind the idea, which we suppose makes the whole thing a little less cringe-worthy. But honestly, we still think this was way too risky: You know how sometimes an idea sounds good in theory but then when it’s happening, you wonder what in the world you were thinking? What if there was even an ounce of a chance that this bride would feel an ounce of that?

In short, we don’t condone the idea, so if you have even the slightest bit of concern that your significant other (or your brother, friend or any other man you know) will try to pull a move like this, please pass along Jezebel’s list of reasons why you should never propose at someone else’s wedding.

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