Today’s Friendly Wedding PSA: It Is Not Necessary to List the Reasons Why Some People Won’t Be Getting an Invitation to Your Wedding On Your Facebook Page 

Once upon a time, a bride fastidiously fastened stamps to all of her beautiful wedding invitations, and lined them up, preparing to drop them in the mail.

As she gazed upon them, she smiled thinking of all the excited Yes! RSVP cards she’d get back in a few weeks … And then her thoughts turned to the people who wouldn’t be receiving one, and decided to post this to her Facebook page:



In this true story, ladies and gentlemen, a Facebook friend of this chick’s saw this post, and then slapped it up on Reddit.

I’m going to go ahead and assume that the insanity displayed here is obvious enough that we needn’t get into it—but I do have one serious question: What the heck does the line after number seven mean? That, while she basically thinks any one of these many offenses have been committed by you if you don’t receive an invite, to still just go ahead and calmly let her or the fiance know if you plan on crashing; it’s all cool? Like, whaa?

I can’t even.

{h/t: HuffPo}

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